International sharp comment 丨 “American democracy” is the biggest black hand that undermines world peace

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(The Source of World Disaster) International sharp comment丨”American democracy” is the biggest black hand that undermines world peace

Recently, the situation in eastern Ukraine has been heating up. Among them, “American black hands” continue to flash up. The U.S. military claimed to deploy warships to the Black Sea area; the U.S. President, Secretary of State and other heavyweight officials had intensive communication with Uzbekistan. With the repeated intervention of the United States, Ukraine faces the risk of falling into a large-scale military conflict. And this is just the tip of the iceberg where the United States exports turmoil and undermines world peace in the name of democracy.

According to a report recently issued by the Chinese Society for Human Rights Studies, since World War II, almost all US presidents have launched or intervened in foreign wars during their tenure. According to incomplete statistics, from the end of World War II to 2001, among the 248 armed conflicts that occurred in 153 regions of the world, the United States initiated 201, accounting for approximately 81%. These wars not only claimed the lives of a large number of soldiers, but also caused extremely serious civilian casualties and property losses, leading to astonishing humanitarian disasters.

International sharp comment 丨 “American democracy” is the biggest black hand that undermines world peace

For aggression Acts put on a layer of legality, and the United States concocted the banners of so-called “human rights above sovereignty” and “humanitarian intervention.” However, no matter how gorgeous the packaging is, it cannot conceal its despicable attempts and painful consequences.

For many years, in order to maintain its hegemony, the United States has arbitrarily attacked all countries that are unwilling to accept its institutional arrangements, either directly using force or inciting “color revolutions” to force regime change in other countries. And those countries that have been forcibly grafted into “American democracy” almost all face serious reluctance and rejection. Wherever “American Democracy” goes, it can be said that politics is declining, the people are unhappy, and the people are restless.

This year, it has been ten years since the Libyan civil war and the Syrian crisis broke out. The outside world has seen that the so-called “Arab Spring” by the American director has caused Libya and other West Asian and North African countries to be devastated and plunged into turmoil.

In Syria, this once well-known Middle East tourist country and an important oil-producing country has now become a refugee-producing country, with tens of millions of civilians destroyed and displaced.

In Afghanistan, the United States has deployed troops in the name of anti-terrorism for 20 years. Instead of eliminating Al-Qaida and the Taliban, it has made the Afghan government more passive and the Taliban’s scope of control continues to increase.

In Iraq, the United States invaded the country on unnecessarily charges in 2003, causing the country to plunge into war for a long time, and terrorist forces such as extremist organizations took advantage of the situation to grow. Today, many of the anti-government forces cultivated by the United States in countries such as Iraq and Syria have developed into terrorist organizations and have become the source of international terrorist activities.

International sharp comment 丨 “American democracy” is the biggest black hand that undermines world peace(1)

The irony is , The United States itself has become a victim of its “democratic export.” On the one hand, the war caused refugees and terrorist forces in some countries to spread to Europe, America and other countries, greatly increasing the national security risks of the latter. On the other hand, the credibility and influence of the United States have been severely overdrawn due to successive wars of aggression and have been cast aside by the international community.

The world has long seen that the reckless use of force by the United States is a realistic reflection of the hegemonic mentality of the strong taking all and the unilateral thinking of solipsism. As the US “Foreign Policy” magazine said, “protection of human rights” is not a clear driving force for the United States to use force abroad, but a means to achieve its own goals. The bottle of “washing powder” used by the United States as evidence for sending troops to Iraq, and the farce that the United States directed and performed the Syrian children being attacked by chemical weapons are typical examples.

Recently, U.S. Vice President Harris accidentally missed his mouth: In the past many years, generations of Americans have been fighting for oil. This attracted a lot of ridicule from netizens, “Isn’t it for democracy and freedom? Why is it for oil?”

In the face of the shocking humanitarian disaster, American policymakers have so far no intention of repentance. From inciting intervention in the situation in Ukraine to suggesting that the deadline for withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan on May 1 is unlikely to be realized, what the US government has done has made the world fully aware of: The United States is not exporting democracy but turmoil and war; whoever expects the United States This country, which is born with hegemonic genes, to safeguard its own human rights is tantamount to seeking a tiger’s skin.

Those American politicians who are obsessed with force should remember Kissinger’s warning in the book “America’s Global Strategy”: The deliberate pursuit of hegemony will eventually make the United States a great nation’s set of values Ruined. (International sharp commentator)