Is it more and more difficult for modern people to calm down and read?

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It’s getting harder for modern people to calm down and read?

“How long have you not calmed down to read a book?” For some people, this question that has been pushed into the hot search recently may be a bit worrying: for various reasons, the time allocated for reading is really not much .

For example, some people say that you can read an online novel overnight, but if you read a masterpiece, you may not be able to turn it after three or five pages, and you have completely lost the calmness of high school. Others say that Mingming I know I should read more books, but I just can’t discipline myself.

Today is World Book Day, we might as well discuss a question seriously: What is it that disrupts the mood of reading?

The 17th National Reading Survey Report shows that the comprehensive reading rate of Chinese adult citizens in 2019 was 81.1%, and the average reading volume of paper books per adult was 4.65.

Is it more and more difficult for modern people to calm down and read?

Chinese adult nationals in 2019 The comprehensive reading rate of 81.1%. Photo courtesy of China Press and Publication Research Institute

When I saw this set of data, Li You (pseudonym) born in the 1980s basically agreed, “When I just graduated from university, I hadn’t read a book seriously for more than a year. Paper books.”

In 2018, when she went home for the New Year, there were four or five books in her suitcase, ready to flip through. But within a month at home, her time was taken over by various short videos, and sometimes it could be brushed past one in the morning.

“Watching short videos, playing on mobile phones, from opening eyes to closing eyes, I can’t stop at all.” She described this way, and several books were naturally shelved. Later, I couldn’t stop it, so I uninstalled the short video platform software. But it didn’t take long to pretend to come back, and repeated three times.

Games, shopping, dinner parties…There seem to be many reasons for squeezing reading time. Compared with reading that requires the brain to think deeply, some leisure activities are more casual.

Like Li You, most people understand the importance of reading, but not everyone can devote time to read a book in its entirety.

Is it more and more difficult for modern people to calm down and read?(1)

A few days ago, “You have “How long hasn’t I read a book quietly” appeared on the hot search, “impatient” and “swiping mobile phone” became keywords when people mentioned that they could not read quietly. The specific manifestations varied.

Some netizens shared this reading story: Before going to college, they read secretly, thinking that they must read more books when they are admitted to college, and they will go to the library to borrow books during their freshman year and sophomore year. I have to borrow a few books to take home.

However, when the juniors and seniors never calm down to read books, they seem to be busy, but they can’t tell what they’re busy doing. They seem to prefer to lie in the dormitory and use their mobile phones. Don’t go to the library to read books.

Some people also mentioned that after buying a book, I put it on the shelf and I haven’t been to a physical bookstore for a long time. To me, books may be more like collectibles, I want to own, but I rarely read them. “I don’t know whether our generation has changed or the whole world has changed.”

The fragmented information received is more and more, and it becomes more and more unable to meditate. Some people say that sometimes when you read e-books, you will choose some “fast food literature” and force yourself to read some books, but you can’t control your impetuous mentality.

Reading intention should be rooted in the heart

However, mobile phones and short videos provide people with more possibilities to pass the time, but they cannot be an excuse for not being able to study quietly. Those who really love reading can find the feeling of being in the library anytime, anywhere.

Is it more and more difficult for modern people to calm down and read?(2)

For example, the first two years A micro-documentary “Readers on the Subway” was once very popular. It showed scenes of people holding paper books on the subway. The origin of its shooting was that an ordinary book editor, Zhu Liwei, fixed those reading stories with “snap shots”.

Since 2018, she has taken more than 1,600 photos. “In three years, I have met dozens of people more than twice, and every time I see them in their hands Holding different books, I feel that there are still people working in their own little world.”

She saw many people looking down and swiping their phones and watching videos, but also seeing some people reading e-books and memorizing words. , “Some carry steamed buns and cooking oil, but they also carry a book; firewood, rice, oil and salt are life, and so are books.”

“The occupation of energy by Internet information and short videos is only an external manifestation. The willingness to read a book should be rooted in the heart, and slowly discover its beauty.” She believes that people who love books will find time to read wherever they go.

But from another angle, Zhu Liwei believes that the reason why the topic of “meditation reading” can still arouse people’s heated discussion is precisely because many people have discovered the confusion under the cover of information. “People are aware of the problem, but I don’t know how to change.”

In the fast-paced modern society, the visual and auditory stimulation brought by images and videos are more direct, and “slow-paced” reading seems to be gradually becoming “chicken ribs”. Many people may have an idea in their minds: What is the meaning of reading?

In the recent popular Dr. Huang Guoping’s acknowledgment for thesis, we may be able to find the answer, “Read the book, then go out and live forever.”

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“Five colors make people blind, five tones make people deaf”, the sound of entertainment It’s easy to lose yourself. Any kind of growth in life is profound and slow. It is by no means a short and fast “crash”. This requires in-depth thinking brought about by reading.

As the scholar Zhou Guoping once mentioned: I hope that young people will not just read the words and phrases of those famous quotes, but systematically read down their favorite books one by one:

“It is particularly important for young people to lay a solid foundation. If you do not have a good foundation, you will be harmed by the Internet. After you lay the foundation, the Internet can be a good tool for you.”


p > Some netizens concluded that reading is the best way to the world and the best way to get out of confusion, because the more books you read, the more you know what kind of person you want to be and what life you want to live.