Japan originally wanted to cancel the Olympic torch relay. Why did it change its attitude?

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China News Service, April 7th. According to Kyodo News, Japan’s Shimane Prefecture Governor Maruyama Tatsuya held a press conference in Tokyo on the 6th to change his attitude regarding the Tokyo Olympic torch relay in the prefecture, which was discussed and cancelled. Will allow implementation.

Japan originally wanted to cancel the Olympic torch relay. Why did it change its attitude?


p >The member of the Japanese women’s national team who won the World Cup served as the first torchbearer.

It is reported that in view of the spread of the atmosphere of avoiding large-scale events in the country under the new crown epidemic, he will request to limit the speaker volume of the sponsor’s vehicle that accompanies the delivery, but even if the request is not agreed, he will not The torch relay will be cancelled.

As a condition for the implementation of the delivery, Maruyama has consistently requested that additional support measures be provided to restaurants in areas where the new crown epidemic has been suppressed. Regarding the reasons for changing the policy, he cited the Liberal Democratic Party Secretary-General Toshihiro Nikai mentioned the possibility of preparing the 2021 supplementary budget, and therefore believes that there is room for this measure to be included in the budget.

Maruyama said at the press conference: “In order to be included in the supplementary budget discussion, choosing to cancel the torch relay will not have a positive impact on restaurants.”

Maruyama’s day Discussed with the relevant people of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee on the improvement matters when implementing the transmission. It is reported that after requesting to limit the volume, the Olympic Organizing Committee replied that “discussion is possible.”

For the torch relay, Maruyama previously cited the inadequate response of the central government to the epidemic as a reason for the cancellation of the discussion. At the press conference, he criticized the “insufficient verification work for the third wave” and said that he would continue to demand that the Olympics be held while strengthening epidemic prevention measures.