Japanese media: The Japanese government intends to allow Olympic athletes to be vaccinated first

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China News Service, April 8th. According to Kyodo News, a Japanese government official revealed on the 7th that the government has begun to explore the possibility of giving priority to the new crown vaccination for Japanese athletes competing in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. . The currently envisaged schedule is to complete the vaccination by the end of June. It is expected to formally coordinate with the Japanese Olympic Committee and the Japanese Paralympic Games in the near future.

Japanese media: The Japanese government intends to allow Olympic athletes to be vaccinated first


p > According to reports, the Japanese government stipulates that the priority order of vaccination is medical staff, the elderly, and patients with chronic diseases. If the Olympic athletes are vaccinated, the vaccinations may begin before the end of the elderly part that started on the 12th of this month.

In the future, we will coordinate whether to vaccinate all competition event players or to vaccinate limited target event players. If the target expands to coaches who have more opportunities to contact players, and the number of targets increases significantly, it may not be understood by public opinion, so the discussion will be cautious.

In addition, if the vaccination is on the eve of the opening ceremony on July 23, it may also affect the competition due to physical discomfort. Therefore, if the vaccination policy is finalized, it is planned to complete the second vaccination schedule in late June at the latest.

The report pointed out that the United States, which will send a delegation, said that it is expected to participate in the Olympic Games after vaccination. Europe and the Middle East are also promoting the new crown vaccine for contestants.

According to sources from the Japanese official residence, multiple PCR tests will be used to ensure that the players’ countermeasures are foolproof. At the same time, “because there are also close matches in the competition, it is estimated that vaccination is required.”

Toshiro Muto, secretary-general of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee, said at the board meeting on March 22 that it is necessary to negotiate with the government on the vaccination of Japanese athletes.