Just remember, death is not the end

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Chinanews client, Beijing, April 4th (Reporter Yuan Xiuyue Zhang Xi) We have been saying goodbye since the moment we were born.

Say goodbye to your teacher when you graduate; say goodbye to your relatives and friends when you travel.

In the daily Chinese context, farewell is often replaced by “goodbye”. We don’t want to make a difference easily, but look forward to seeing each other again in the future.

Just remember, death is not the end

However, when the real face When parting with life and death, we are often at a loss, always thinking that this is the end of the years.

In fact, this is not the case, just like the classic line in the cartoon “Dream Traveling”: “Death is not the end of life, forgetting is.”

As long as we always miss With those dead lives, they will exist forever.

This is the meaning of Qingming Festival.

Just remember, death is not the end(1)

“Grandma, we can Never separate?” When I was a child, I used to hold my favorite grandma and ask questions.

Grandma will always hold me tighter, telling me that there is always a difference in life. When I was young, I cried loudly and asked my grandmother to pull the hook and promise to be together forever. At that time, I didn’t know how far it was forever, I was just afraid of losing my loved ones, because they were like light carved into life. I couldn’t accept the dim light, and I always wanted time to stand still.

After my grandma passed away, for a long time, I couldn’t get out of sadness. I read a lot of books. I want to know, where did grandma go? If there is a Naihe Bridge, will she forget me?

I didn’t understand the meaning of death until I watched “Dream Travels”-death is actually not that terrible, and the family who passed away just continued to live in a different place.

Just remember, death is not the end(2)

In the movie, the world of undead Not everyone here can go out to visit relatives, only those who are enshrined in photos are eligible. If this person is completely forgotten in the world, he will turn into golden powder and usher in true death.

In other words, people have died twice, once when they stop breathing, and once when they are no longer remembered in the world.

The Ching Ming Festival for the Chinese is like a “dream-seeking journey”. Although we can no longer touch the familiar old people, we hope to maintain our emotional connection with them in various ways.

Some people will choose to lay flowers in front of the tomb, some people will choose to hold up a wine glass…With the development of the Internet, some people choose to write letters to another time and space through the Internet.

Just remember, death is not the end(3)

Someone wrote to the deceased husband: “Inform you, our baby is excellent! Our baby has finally graduated.”

Someone mourned their parents: “Mom and dad, I am doing well now, how nice it would be if you were still there , I bought a car, and we can travel together.”

Someone missed the child: “If you are still there, will you be married now? Your room is still the same, it hasn’t changed at all. ”

This is not only a farewell process, but also a self-healing process. We believe that as long as love is there, people will never go away.

After the death of Qian Zhongshu and his daughter Qian Yuan, Yang Jiang wrote in “We Three”, “The good things in the world are not strong, and the colorful clouds are easy to scatter and the glass is brittle.”

Just remember, death is not the end(4)

Speaking of death, we There are too many fears, we are always afraid of losing.

In fact, the process of human growth is accompanied by various losses. We will lose our youth, friends, love, unemployment, and even hope.

There is often a question on the Internet: If there is one day left in your life, what will you do? Some people say that they will accompany their families, others say that they will bravely confess…

Only when it comes to death, we will think about what is the most important existence in life.

It’s not salary, education, house or car, but the softest, but often overlooked existence in our hearts.

It’s like we always think that time is still long and don’t care about it overnight. A netizen once recalled that the last time he received a call from his father, he still complained that he was too busy at work and could not go home for dinner. Unexpectedly, the call was a farewell.

Nobel Prize winner Octavio Paz once said: “Death is actually a reflection of life. If death is meaningless, then life must be the same.” Only death shows the highest meaning of life; it is the opposite of life, and it is also a supplement to life.”

Just remember, death is not the end(5)

Another meaning of death is to reflect the importance of serious living.

Recently, many colleges and universities in China have opened “death education courses”, and some college students simulated their final farewells. The students acted as the deceased and the deceased’s relatives and friends and experienced the whole process of the farewell ceremony.

Some students said: “I also truly felt the preciousness of life during the performance. I need more to accompany the people we cherish and love. This is of great educational significance to me. “Some netizens also got inspiration from the perspective of bystanders: “Life is actually very fragile, and maybe it will stop breathing at some time in the future.” In “The Destiny of Su Lu”, Mu Xin once said : Fortunately, life is meaningless, so that it can allow each to give meaning. Maybe a good treatment of death can also make our lives more meaningful. Although people pass away, memories will last forever.

One year is clear, and one year old is lovesickness. As the song in “Looking for a Dream” sang: “Although I am far away, you still live in my heart.”

Today, we mourn the dead, and we must remember and cherish the present ,Live better. (End)

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