“Let everyone be infected”? 22 people arrested for infection caused by man working sick

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China News Service, April 25. According to British media reports on the 24th, a man on the Spanish island of Mallorca despite the dissuasion of others, after showing symptoms of suspected new crown infection, still went to work and exercise, not only deliberately when he coughed He took off his mask and declared that he would “infect all of you”. This man is believed to have led to 22 people being diagnosed, and he has been arrested by the police.

“Let everyone be infected”? 22 people arrested for infection caused by man working sick


p >On April 24, the Spanish police issued a statement stating that after reports about the man “infected but concealed his condition”, the local police had launched an investigation since the end of January.

It is reported that at that time, the 40-year-old man had symptoms such as coughing and body temperature exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. Although he went for a PCR test, before the test results came out, he went out to work the next day and went to the local gym.

During work, his manager and employees insisted on letting him go home because he might infect everyone. But he chose to ignore it and walked around in the workplace, deliberately lowering his mask when he coughed, and said: “I want all of you to be infected with the new crown virus.”

At the end of the day, this person The man’s PCR test result was positive. After his colleagues were tested, it was found that 5 people were infected with the new crown virus. These colleagues in turn infected multiple family members, including 3 1-year-old babies. In the gym, a total of 3 people who had direct contact with the man were diagnosed.

The Spanish police said that the man’s actions resulted in a total of 22 infections. He was arrested on suspicion of “assault.”