Li Yifeng’s “The Trumpeter is in Place” hits the air to show the new era of “idol” mission

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China News Service, Beijing, April 28. Li Lu is the chief director, Zhang Hanbing is directed, Ying Liangpeng, Zu Ruomeng, Feng Jie screenwriters, Li Yifeng, Chen Xingxu, Zhang Xinyu, Xiao Yang, Duan Bowen, Dong Chunhui, Wang Daqi, etc. China’s first Rocket Army theme drama “The Trumpeter is in Place” starring in Zhejiang Satellite TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV, and Youku Video continues to be popular. With the new attempt to focus on the Rocket Army for the first time, the play wrote the blood and responsibility of the younger generation of Rocket Soldiers, and stood out in the same episode. Since its broadcast, the ratings have continued to rise.

Li Yifeng’s “The Trumpeter is in Place” hits the air to show the new era of “idol” mission

The play is based on Fengjie The adaptation of the novel “Bright: Graduated and Going to Be a Soldier” tells the story of a group of college rocket army recruits who join the barracks. Under the leadership and inspiration of veterans with unique skills, they experience the dual tempering of body and spirit, and finally grow and transform into the Chinese Rocket Army. The story of “Ace Trumpeter”.

Previously, Xia Zhuo’s parents were afraid of violating the discipline of the army, and they forbeared and missed Xia Zhuo and looked at the plot from the mountain, which impressed the audience. In the latest plot last night, Lang Yongcheng bid farewell to the guided missile vehicle that had accompanied him for decades to tears. Many audiences were infected by his sincere emotions. The role actor Xiao Yang’s teaching-like acting skills were also praised by many audiences. #肖央哭戏# #肖央哭戏感人# Related topics became the focus of the audience’s heated discussion.

The deep feelings of the veterans for the troops and the strong friendship in the war also infected the recruits. For a long time, Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun have been misunderstandings as “dead rivals” and witnessed the tears of Lang Yongcheng’s tough guy. A chance to play basketball allowed the two to gradually learn to reconcile and understand the true meaning of comrades-in-arms.

Since its launch, the TV ratings of “The Trumpeter in Place” have been steadily increasing. It has repeatedly ranked first on the hot list of TV dramas in Youku, with a popularity value of 9781. It has repeatedly dominated the list of Maoyan, Guduo Internet Film and Television, Professional data platforms such as Vlinkage and Beacon are at a high level. Many hot searches were received during the hit period. #号手就位# has read more than 1.35 billion topics, and the popularity remains high.

Li Yifeng’s “The Trumpeter is in Place” hits the air to show the new era of “idol” mission(1)

Show the new era “idol “Responsible for the mission

The play focuses on the life of the first-time recruits in the barracks. Through the newcomer to the barracks “the strongest brain” Xia Zhuo, Ouyang Jun, who is arrogant and wants to be the first in everything. The different portrayals of Huang Wen, a female military doctor who does not lose the heroic appearance of a male soldier, and Lang Yongcheng, a veteran squad leader who has a strong affection for the army, showed the audience a group of vivid and passionate images of the real rocket army.

They have not only the youthful vigor, but also the love and firm guardian of their own careers. Whether they are new recruits who are not afraid of tigers and grow up step by step, or veterans who firmly believe in and stick to their mission from the end, they can be called the “idols” of the new era.

In the upcoming episode, an accident occurred during the transport platoon transporting a bomb to the standby warehouse. In the face of the delayed rescue, how should Xia Zhuo and others respond? War Blade Company is about to perform its first missile launch mission. Why did Xia Zhuo, who voted the highest, be opposed by his superiors? What obstacles will a group of lovely and respectable Rockets encounter in the process of gradual growth? Stay tuned for more content. (End)