“Love and trust are the best weapons against autism”

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Chinanews client, Beijing, April 2nd (Reporter Shangguanyun) Have you ever paid attention to this group of children in your life who don’t know how to make friends with others and lack the desire to contact others…< /p>

April 2 of each year is “World Autism Awareness Day”. Generally speaking, “autism” is also called “autism”, and children with autism are called “children of the stars.”

“Love and trust are the best weapons against autism”

Autism spectrum disorder Of children may live in society with the characteristics of autism for life. Some experts said that the treatment, education, and placement of autistic patients is a systematic project that requires families and society to take their own responsibilities and perform their duties.

According to the statistics of the “Report on the Development of China’s Autism Education and Rehabilitation Industry III” published in 2019, there are media reports that the number of people with autism in my country exceeds 10 million, and the number of children with autism exceeds 2 million. .

Song Guangwen, professor of psychology at the Nanguo Business School of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, said that medically, autism, pervasive developmental disorder, and childhood autism are collectively referred to as autism spectrum disorders. The name varies from person to person.

Professor Song Guangwen mentioned that children with autism rarely use their eyes to communicate and do not know how to make friends with others. They may be used to repeating certain actions constantly.

But some of them will have some outstanding talents, such as painting, arithmetic, music, etc. Some can even calculate very complicated math problems, but on the other hand they lack basic living abilities. They may not even be able to make basic changes.

“The core damage of autism or autism is interpersonal relationships. Generally speaking, compared with ordinary children, children with autism lack the desire to contact others, nor do they Will interact with people.” He said, these children are also called “children of the stars”

“Love and trust are the best weapons against autism”(1)

The headache is that there is no effective medicine to treat autism. Autistic patients are often accompanied by complications such as anxiety, depression, or epilepsy, and drugs can only improve certain symptoms.

For families suffering from autism, the child’s inner world is like a locked house, and parents are always looking for the key to open the door.

In 2002, the eldest son of writer Zhang Yan, Le Yu, was more than 3 years old. This year, he was diagnosed with autistic tendency.

“In the beginning, we regarded autism as a kind of’illness’, and regarded many of Le Yu’s performance as pathological.” Zhang Yan was very anxious at one time, Le Yu would cry for no reason, He refuses to have a haircut, refuses to eat in a restaurant, and has all kinds of stubborn and weird habits.

After studying some data, Zhang Yan found that autism is a world problem and can only be improved through intervention. Children belonging to the autism spectrum will live in society with the characteristics of autism for life.

“At present, the society lacks understanding of the characteristics of these children, and there is also a lack of coping methods. Their learning and life are often difficult.” She gave examples, for example, many children with autism may grow up. There is no work to do and it becomes a burden on the family.

Parents are also facing pressure: various abnormal behaviors of children, negative evaluations from society… From the perspective of traditional evaluation systems, children with autism are easily regarded as “failed children”, even with their parents The value of being a nurturer will also be denied.

“As a result, parents can easily lose their sense of value and hope in life. Just like a parent once said to me, “With such a child, the whole life will be over.” Zhang Yan said.

“Love and trust are the best weapons against autism”(2)

However, there were experts It is pointed out that the earlier a child with autism is diagnosed and the earlier intervention is carried out, the better the effect may be, and the greater the possibility of returning to the mainstream society. Children with autism can be found in their infancy.

When faced with almost irreversible pain, many people will rely on “miracle”, but Zhang Yan found that in the fight against autism, “there is no such thing as a miracle.” It depends on science.

She once wrote in “Embracing You Through Lonely”, or we can put it another way: “A miracle is not a result, but a state. In the growth of a child, it is not An ultimate conclusion, but a higher starting point.

So, after a brief collapse, Zhang Yan began to try to use scientific intervention techniques to analyze the motives behind Le Yu’s behavior, and learn to understand and accept Children, after 8-9 years of age, his behavior gradually becomes “controllable” and “teachable”.

“At this time, we treat him more as an ordinary child to demand He goes to special schools, writes homework, and learns to paint. During adolescence, he had some difficulties, his body deteriorated, his sleep was poor, his temper became irritable, but we survived together. Zhang Yan said.

Love and trust are the “weapon” against autism

Twenty years have passed in the blink of an eye. Le Yu is 23 years old and lives with his parents. Zhang. Yan’s requirements for him have also become self-care, physical exercise, and quality of life.

“Love and trust are the best weapons against autism”(3)

“We have also experienced a process from fighting with autism to coexisting. A way of love, trust and effective communication is established between each other. This is the best weapon against autism. “She said.

In Zhang Yan’s view, both children and parents must step out of the traditional value system, respect the value of autistic children as human beings, and work hard to reconstruct Life value is the core value system.

“When encountering autistic patients, we tend to take some condescending love to care for such disadvantaged groups, but ignore their rights as members of society. “Song Guangwen feels that superficial “care” comes and goes quickly and cannot last long.

Therefore, the treatment, education, and placement of autistic patients is a systematic project that requires families and society to bear the burden. Responsibility, “For example, I hope that more professional institutions can help parents take better care of their children; cultivate full-time resource teachers and so on. ”

“To allow the’children of the stars’ to integrate into society on an equal footing requires the joint efforts of autistic families and all sectors of society. “He said. (End)