MLB China Media Copyright Welcomes Upgrade

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China News Service, Beijing, April 1st (Reporter Wang Yu) On March 31st, the MLB 2021 new season kick-off ceremony and copyright signing conference hosted by MLB China was held in Beijing. In the 2021-2023 season, MLB China will usher in an upgrade in the media copyright field, bringing a more comprehensive live broadcast of MLB Major League Baseball matches to baseball fans at home and abroad.

MLB China Media Copyright Welcomes Upgrade

For this official announcement Season media copyright partner, MLB China Managing Director Qi Dong said: “MLB and Tencent started cooperation in 2018. This time the contract renewal, the two parties have achieved live broadcasts, membership services, content ecology, and coverage. It’s the first time to join hands with Oriental Pearl New Media, and it is the first time that MLB has achieved multi-platform copyright cooperation in China, allowing baseball content to cover 100 million home users under Oriental Pearl New Media, and expanding the content consumption scene to large screens, buses, subways, etc. All terminals, all channels.”

For the 2021 season of MLB, Tencent Video will upgrade its live broadcast technology. Users can watch MLB’s spring training games, regular seasons, all-star games, and post-season games on the platform. Competitions and other event content. At least one MLB game will be broadcast live on each match day, and there will be no less than 200 live matches and on-demand services throughout the season.

On the basis of copyright cooperation, Tencent Video will further dig out the derived content of MLB events, increase the linkage of sports and entertainment IP, build a baseball original content community, and improve the MLB content ecological matrix. Han Zhijie, Vice President of Tencent Video and Senior Vice President of Penguin Films, said, “In addition to ensuring the quality of live events, Tencent Video will carry out refined operations around consumption scenarios and consumer rights, and provide users with MLB event-derived content, such as entertainment star commentary and theme events. At the same time, the video community will also invite MLB players, baseball professionals, baseball enthusiasts, trendy KOLs, etc. to settle in, update original content, and create a new home stadium for baseball enthusiasts.”

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It is worth mentioning that the MLB Major League Baseball and The copyright rights of Tencent Video not only cover the Chinese market, but also reach more than ten countries and regions such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia through Tencent Video’s overseas version of WeTV. The high-quality and highly sticky young users of MLB sports events in overseas markets will help Tencent Video to better expand overseas markets.

In the new season, Tencent Video will build an ecological matrix of live broadcast + on-demand + short video for MLB, combined with various content advantages such as long and short videos, and reach out to users in multiple forms and channels, thereby further enlarging MLB The influence and value of the brand promote the development of baseball.

Oriental Pearl New Media operates online and offline multi-channel resources, not only IPTV, cable TV and other media broadcasting platforms, but also many offline and offline landmark resources. This time, the cooperation between MLB China and Oriental Pearl New Media will realize the national IPTV and cable digital TV services of MLB Major League Baseball in the 2021-2023 season, covering more than 100 million household users.

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For the introduction of overseas Lu Baofeng, senior vice president of Oriental Pearl New Media for the top sports event MLB, said, “Online, sports are content; offline, sports are services. In the new season, Oriental Pearl New Media will drive MLB events and baseball with an ecological layout. Collaborative innovation of themed high-quality content to create a full-coverage, full-media, and full-interactive content ecosystem to meet the diverse needs of users from different channels for the MLB IP.”

Qi Dong said, “The baseball Promotion requires the participation of all people, and the dissemination of high-quality content in new media is a key part of it. MLB China hopes to provide baseball enthusiasts with a content creation platform by providing support for baseball content creators, including various incentive mechanisms and training mechanisms. Build a baseball content ecology to enhance the influence of baseball in China and attract more friends to like baseball.” (End)