New Oxygen Public Welfare Upgrade “YOUNG HELP Program” Focus on special groups

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Chinanews.com, April 28th. Recently, Xinyang Technology, an Internet medical beauty service platform, launched the “YOUNG HELP” program of the national public welfare version. This is also when Xinyang has joined hands with the fashion media ELLE World Fashion Garden. The Siyuan Project Poverty Alleviation Foundation upgraded the “Young Help” program again. The event will invite all new oxygen users as charity helpers to light up a small red flower in the new oxygen community for people who need medical aid due to congenital facial disability or accidents, courageous actions, illegal medical damages, etc.

New Oxygen Public Welfare Upgrade “YOUNG HELP Program” Focus on special groups

It is reported that the new oxygen will Donation of 1 yuan for each lit little red flower can provide the recipient with up to 200,000 yuan for surgical repair. This is also the “beauty plan” that has become the key support of the China Siyuan Project Poverty Alleviation Foundation. It will participate in public welfare applications, rescue supervision and publicity throughout the process.

In 2021, New Oxygen Charity launched a joint public welfare upgrade plan based on tens of millions of donations. New Oxygen Technology uses a platform to link institutions, doctors, non-profit organizations and influential KOLs, and finally realizes the sustainable development of public welfare actions.

The launch of the new “YOUNG HELP” plan also marks the stage of New Oxygen Charity’s upgrade from joint charity to national charity. It is reported that Pan Nengneng, a medical expert with more than one million fans, the secret of the wind blowing through a paper airplane, a big mango, and Ouyang Yingying became the first batch of assistant officials of the “YOUNG HELP Project”, and guided the changes with their own traffic. Many people pay attention to charity assistance for special groups.

“Participating in this charity is because I have been a patient with minor defects since I was a child, so I feel more empathetic to them, so I hope they can also get help, so that they can also feel love.” Ouyang Yingying shared her original intention of participating in the activity and actively interacted with help seekers.

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Focus on the first special group of people The medical beauty charity project continues to upgrade

In 2020, New Oxygen Technology has launched the first domestic Internet medical beauty charity rescue project, with an initial investment of 10 million yuan. At the same time, the “Young Help” project was jointly launched with ELLE World Fashion House. To help a wider range of special groups of people. In March of this year, New Oxygen upgraded its public welfare platform strategy from the networkization of public welfare actions, the physicalization of public welfare platforms, and the socialization of public welfare assistance. The core lies in the establishment of a “medical beauty public welfare collaboration network” with industry chain partners such as public welfare organizations and medical beauty institutions . In this process, New Oxygen will link all links in the medical aesthetics industry chain to provide a platform and assistance for its participation in public welfare activities, while medical aesthetics organizations can participate in the New Oxygen charity through donations, restoration and assistance, and form a centripetal force for the public welfare of medical aesthetics , And jointly promote the mature development of medical beauty public welfare.

In addition, New Oxygen Charity, China Children’s Charity Relief Foundation and Rieger Charity Foundation jointly initiated special public welfare activities such as the “18-year-old Charity Relief Action” aimed at helping children grow up healthily. The public welfare fund project of targeted assistance to children with body surface defects and sequential therapy will continue to provide assistance to children with congenital body surface defects such as microtia, cleft lip and palate, and hypospadias until they reach adulthood.

This is also the most extensive public welfare project in China to provide medical and aesthetic repair support for people with facial or physical impairments.

Medical beauty from the media continues to “drain” for the public welfare

In order to let more friends who need medical beauty repair and financial difficulties return to the lives of ordinary people through the new oxygen public welfare, have the highest views The new oxygen self-media matrix, which has exceeded 1.73 billion times, has opened a special rescue channel for the “Young Help Project”.

Netizens left a message in a tweet on the new oxygen public account, praising this public welfare activity as the meaning of medical beauty. For Internet companies, they can link real helpers through traffic, helping more people return to their normal lives.

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New Oxygen Content Center Deputy President Wang Bei believes: The greater the flow, the greater the responsibility.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of my country’s medical aesthetics industry technology and service capabilities, in addition to meeting the growing medical aesthetics needs of the general population, the rapid development of medical aesthetics technology has also contributed to these congenital facial disabilities or Low-income people who have suffered physical and facial disabilities due to accidents, brave actions, and illegal medical damage have provided strong support for returning to “ordinary people”.

In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the China Siyuan Project Poverty Alleviation Foundation said, “During the long-term assistance activities, we have noticed the impact on the lives of low-income people and job hunting caused by appearance damage. , There has always been a plan to help these people in their plight through special actions. This cooperation with New Oxygen Technology can help us better identify and select recipients, so that funds can be used more rationally and efficiently. This is helping these people. At the same time as people, it also sets an example for the industry.”