New Zealand man accused of assassinating Prime Minister Ardern

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China News Service, April 16th. According to a report on the 16th of New Zealand Skyway.com, a man in Auckland, New Zealand threatened to kill Prime Minister Ardern and was charged by the police.

New Zealand man accused of assassinating Prime Minister Ardern


p >Police said they arrested the man in Counties Manukau on the 13th. His name has not been revealed yet. Because of the injury, the man did not appear in the local court on the 16th, and the lawyer made a statement to the court.

The man is currently undergoing a mental assessment. He is charged with the third type of crime. If found guilty, he will face up to 7 years in prison. He will appear in court again on May 7.

In addition, the police also accused the man of sending threatening messages to another man through social media, causing the latter to worry about his personal safety.

The Office of the Prime Minister of New Zealand declined to comment on this matter. The police declined to comment on the grounds that the case is pending.

In the past two years, Ardern has been threatened many times. Previously, a man was accused of sending multiple threatening emails to Ardern between 2019 and 2020, but he refused to plead guilty. The police said that these emails caused harassment to Ardern and caused her to “worry about the safety of herself and her family.”

In addition, a Northern Irish man was sentenced to community service in his country for issuing death threats to Ardern via the Internet in 2019.