not enough money! This global epidemic prevention plan still has a funding gap of $19 billion

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China News Service, April 25. According to a comprehensive report, in the face of the increasingly severe new crown epidemic, leaders of many countries called on the 23rd to invest US$19 billion in funds to find more tools to end this prolonged pandemic.

not enough money! This global epidemic prevention plan still has a funding gap of $19 billion


p > They said that the “miracle” of vaccine research and development does not mean that the epidemic is expected to end. Although many countries have launched their own new crown vaccination plans, new variant viruses have emerged. Therefore, to end the epidemic, new assistance is still needed. thrust.

In the United States, where the epidemic is most severe, the cumulative number of confirmed cases has exceeded 32.04 million. The second wave of the epidemic in India continued to spread. As of April 24, there were more than 300,000 new cases in a single day for three consecutive days.

Under the leadership of the World Health Organization, in April 2020, countries set up the “Accelerator for Acquiring New Coronary Epidemic Prevention Tools” (ACT Accelerator) to respond to the epidemic. The goal is to develop, produce, and equitably distribute new coronavirus vaccines and diagnostics. And treatment methods. The plan seeks US$22 billion in funding in 2021 to continue to overcome the epidemic, but there is still a funding gap of US$19 billion.

WHO Director-General Tan Desai said: “We can only end the new crown epidemic by funding, sharing and expanding epidemic prevention tools.”

According to Agence France-Presse statistics, as of On April 24, the number of new crown vaccines vaccinated globally exceeded 1 billion doses.

Tedros reiterated the problem of uneven distribution of vaccines. He said that more than 81% of vaccinations were carried out in high-income or middle- and high-income countries, and only 0.3% were carried out in low-income countries.

The “New Coronary Pneumonia Vaccine Implementation Plan (COVAX) jointly launched by the World Health Organization and its partners promotes vaccine multilateralism so that poor countries can also obtain vaccines. This mechanism funded by donor countries has been delivered More than 40.5 million doses of vaccine have been delivered to 118 countries and regions, and it is planned to provide at least 2 billion doses of vaccine by the end of 2021, of which 1.3 billion doses will be supplied to 92 poorest countries in the world.

African countries are now in urgent need of vaccines , But lacks relevant technology. South African President Ramaphosa called on pharmaceutical companies to temporarily “remove the barriers to intellectual property rights” and share vaccine technology with low- and middle-income countries so that more countries can produce vaccines on their own.