Nuggets “sink” WiFi master key bridges to release new consumption power in cities below the third tier

By yqqlm yqqlm

China News Service, April 9th. Everyone has a unique understanding of the sinking market. In the era of mobile Internet, to be familiar with the various labels of this market, you must first understand it through the Internet. The WiFi Master Key has been deeply involved in the “town” for many years, and has foreseen its counterparts for brands whose channels are sinking.

Nuggets “sink” WiFi master key bridges to release new consumption power in cities below the third tier

In the annual growth period and maturity period, while the industry continues to dig deeper into the value of the scene in the first and second tier cities, it has explored the future direction-new markets in the third, fourth and fifth tier cities and below, and, after experiencing the price-sensitive period, This market consumption concept has changed from “buy it for use” to “buy it for enjoyment”, from the old thinking of offline shopping to the upgrade of a new model of online trading.

The new income changes correspond to new consumption concepts. The PwC “Global Consumer Insights Survey 2020” report shows that the significant increase in wealthy households in third-tier cities and below will become a driving force for China in the next 10 years. The main factor for the continuous growth of the middle class and above. The inherent impression of a price-oriented sinking market is changing. More consumption vitality in cities below the third tier is shown to merchants and brands in advance through the Internet.

Deeply cultivating the sinking market for 8 years, the WiFi master key has experienced these changes in the sinking market. For example, in the past e-commerce environment, especially in the mid-term era of mobile Internet, platforms still spend more energy on solving the “last mile” problem of e-commerce. In terms of product form, product specifications, product prices, and output methods, more emphasis is placed on matching the consumption power of third- and fourth-tier regional netizens. Now, the infrastructure is gradually improving, and the online approach has extended the first- and second-tier lifestyles and consumption concepts to third- and fourth-tier cities.

Wi-Fi master key users are concentrated in the sinking market, and data shows that users in the sinking market account for more than 60%. Coupled with getting involved earlier, this means that the WiFi Master Key has a better understanding of the sinking market in terms of breadth and depth.

In the “drilling”, WiFi Master Key found that the lifestyles and daily preferences of people in third-tier cities and below have a tendency to move closer to first-tier and second-tier cities. The pursuit of quality life and rich content is not rejection but acceptance. Conversely, users in Tier 3 and below cities also benefit from the popularization of mobile Internet in terms of the speed and breadth of accepting new things.

Channel sinking is the core driving force of consumption growth. Online shopping, games, videos, and live broadcasts that users in first- and second-tier cities are familiar with have also become daily life for netizens in the sinking market. High-quality brands, products, and services can reach the sinking market faster and more conveniently because of the grafting of the network. WiFi Master Key, as a global free Internet platform, is helping third- and fourth-tier netizens to consciously connect with branded, personalized, modern, and high-end products, entertainment, and life. When brand owners are actively looking for new markets, new traffic, and new consumption, the sinking Internet has opened up a brand new space for them.