“Our New Era” comes to an end, tells the story of ordinary post struggle

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China News Service, April 21. With the successful completion of the last unit “Emergency Rescue” in Hainan, the drama “Our New Era” to celebrate the centenary of the founding of the party has been filmed.

“Our New Era” comes to an end, tells the story of ordinary post struggle

“Our New Era ”Is divided into six units: “Beautiful You”, “Because of Having a Home”, “Prescription of Happiness”, “Emergency Rescue”, “Take off”, and “EOD Elite”. Co-directed by Liu Haibo, Lu Xing, Lu Ying/Kurbanjiang, Wu Bai, Xu Jizhou, Zhang Ting, based on real character prototypes, tells the story of young Communist Party members in different regions working hard in their ordinary positions.

At the end of October and beginning of November, 2020, “Prescription for Happiness” and “Because of Having a Home” were launched in Guizhou and Zhejiang. Since then, the main creatives of each unit have gone to Guangxi, Jiangsu, Beijing, Hainan and other provinces. Take real shots. There are as many as 1,200 cast and crew members in the six units. In the battle against the epidemic, it took 6 months to complete the filming of the whole drama overcoming various difficulties.

As a work with a sense of youth and time, “Our New Era” has gathered a group of powerful actors: Liu Mintao, Wang Xiaochen, Tian Yu, Tan Songyun, Bai Jingting, Wu Qian, Sa Rina, Zhang Yunlong , Tong Dawei, Chen He, Wang Zixuan, Yu Haoming, Wang Luodan, Li Xuejian, Dou Xiao, Xi Meijuan, Deng Jiajia, Zhou Fang.

The play uses realistic creative techniques to create a series of amiable and respectable Communists. Among them are village doctors from Miao Village in Guizhou, community service volunteers, EOD soldiers, and rescue teams. Members, college student village officials, skilled workers. They have no historical legends and great achievements. They have a growth experience similar to ordinary people, but they have made extraordinary careers in ordinary positions.

“Our New Era” comes to an end, tells the story of ordinary post struggle(1)

Six unit theme styles Each is different. “Because I have a family” tells the story of a college student village official in Zhejiang; “The Prescription of Happiness” shows the persistence and dedication of a village doctor in Guizhou; “Beautiful You” tells the story of community volunteers with the background of Chaoyang District, Beijing. “Take off” focuses on the skilled workers of domestic civil aircraft manufacturing, “Emergency Rescue” shows the civilian rescue team, and “EOD Elite” tells the story of the border explosives.

Currently, “Our New Era” is in post-production and is expected to be broadcast this year.