Month: April 2021

Poll: People worry about government performance, Australia’s coalition party primary election support rate drops

   Chinanews, April 20 According to a report on the 20th of, recently, some Australian voters refused to vote for the coalition government in the polls, reducing their primary election rate to 38%. However, despite the setbacks of Prime Minister Morrison’s Coalition Party, 47% of voters still tend to choose Morrison as prime minister, a figure that exceeds that of the Labour Party leader.


The 89-year-old Castro retired and Cuba gave it to the younger generation

   Chinanews, April 20th (Liu Danyi Liu Cong) 89-year-old Raul Castro retired. On the 19th local time, Cuban President Diaz-Canel was elected the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party at the Eighth National Congress of the Cuban Communist Party, succeeding Raul as the party’s top leader.