Month: April 2021

Hundreds of swimmers crossed Weizhou Island-Beihai waters, the shortest straight line distance is 24 nautical miles

China News Service, Beihai, April 30 (Zhai Liqiang and Wang Weichen) The largest and youngest volcanic island in China, Weizhou Island, is about 24 nautical miles (about 45 kilometers) away from the Guangxi Beihai mainland in a straight line. On April 30, from Hundreds of swimmers from all over China swam relays in the vast sea, crossed this sea area, and finally succeeded in the challenge. Among them, the oldest is 74 years old and the youngest is 13 years old.


Youth footsteps measure red for a hundred years, one hundred armed police officers and soldiers in Zhejiang 10,000-meter long race

China News Service, Jiaxing, April 30 (Hu Fengsheng, Shi Zinan, Yuan Minghong) When the first morning light filled the nuclear power town of Qinshan, Haiyan, Zhejiang, one hundred officers and soldiers of the Jiaxing Detachment of the Zhejiang Armed Police Corps (hereinafter referred to as “Armed Jiaxing Detachment”) had already been gearing up. , Eager to try at the starting line of the nuclear power plant area.