Perseverance of two police couples

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Perseverance of two police couples

Perseverance of two police couples(1)

□ Correspondent Liao Xinhui

“On duty for one minute and 60 seconds, 24 hours on duty, 365 days of continuous rotation, you With gray hair, I was tired and bent over… That day, when you put on the police uniform and backpacked to the unit, I saw the perseverance in your eyes, and when I put on the single police equipment and walked into the prison door, I straightened my waist. Hold on, let go of your hand, reluctant to give up but didn’t look back…” This is part of the poem “Hold-To Wives on the Front Line of Fighting the Epidemic”, and wrote this poem It is Wu Jianbing, Party branch secretary and head of the sixth prison district of Nanning Prison, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

At the beginning of the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, Wu Jianbing has been sticking to his post. His wife Luo Yan is also a policeman, and is the party branch secretary and instructor of the Seventh District of Guangxi Women’s Prison. After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, the two implemented the unit’s first-level response mechanism, and returned to work to prepare for duty, and worked together to stay on the front line of epidemic prevention and control. In the past year of fighting the epidemic, many prison police houses took care of everyone and fought bravely on the front line of the fight against the epidemic. Wu Jianbing’s family is a microcosm of them.

Speaking of the husband and wife are both prison policemen, Wu Jianbing said with a smile, “This is happy. We all have the same sacred responsibilities, we all stand in the same position, with the national emblem on our heads in police uniforms, we have Same pride.”

In 2020, the early stage of the epidemic prevention and control is the Spring Festival. In order to arrange the various work of epidemic prevention and control early, Wu Jianbing and Luo Yan both took the initiative to apply for duty on New Year’s Eve and organize implementation during the Spring Festival. Prevent and control measures, arrange the deployment of various tasks in the prison area.

On the second day of the Lunar New Year, the two of them had just arrived in their hometown in Hunan less than two days after they received an order from their unit to cancel their vacation and quickly regroup. They did not hesitate in the face of their family’s retention and explained: “We They are all party members and branch secretaries. We must take the lead at critical moments.”

In the early morning of the third day of the Lunar New Year, they drove nearly a thousand kilometers back to Nanning. At around 17:00 that day, the family returned to Nanning in a hurry. Luo Yan went to prison and closed on duty that night, and Wu Jianbing also entered the isolation and standby area. The two went out together, and it became a problem that the two children at home were left unattended. The couple had to keep their 5-year-old son at home to take with their grandmother, while the 8-year-old daughter was sent to the grandparents’ house to take care of them.

When she left home, her daughter asked when she would come to pick her up. Luo Yan said that she would be back in half a month. He didn’t expect that this trip would be two months. At that time, the epidemic situation was very severe. To ensure safety, Luo Yan’s working hours in the prison were postponed again and again. To ensure a smooth transfer of work, Luo Yan did not go home until the end of March and returned to his post in less than a week.

Wu Jianbing has been on duty since February 10, 2020. He has always charged forward and used practical actions to drive his team to actively participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic. He can be seen everywhere in the prisons, factories, sub-controllers, and duty posts. None of the tasks such as commanding and dispatching, coordinating production, investigating prison situations, and resolving conflicts have been left.

Once, during a routine inspection of labor tools, the late work police reported that they found that the registered and booked tools were inconsistent with the actual number used. Wu Jianbing did not let it go. The entire factory was inspected carefully, and he was relieved when he found the “lost” tool in the spare equipment until 22:00 in the middle of the night.

At the second day’s summary feedback meeting, Wu Jianbing said, “Prevention and control of the epidemic is not only to block the virus, but also to prevent ideological germs, plug loopholes and eliminate hidden dangers, and the bottom line of security must not be lost.”

After receiving the order to extend the closed duty for one month, Wu Jianbing quickly convened a meeting to communicate, clarifying the current situation and arranging the next stage of work. After the meeting, he talked to the comrades one by one to understand their actual difficulties, patiently resolve the incomprehension and exhaustion, and took the initiative to work on duty to ease the work intensity of the comrades. It is precisely with this leading spirit and exemplary role that Wu Jianbing inspires and leads the police on duty in the Sixth Precinct to overcome the difficulties of long-term closure on duty, and gritted his teeth to stay on the front line of the fight against the “epidemic”.

In the Guangxi Women’s Prison, Luo Yan, as the party branch secretary of the prison, was always on the front line of the work as both a commander and a combatant during the closed work period.

When receiving the task of food processing for closed police staff, Luo Yan quickly sorted out his work ideas and methods, and coordinated the police force in a reasonable and reasonable manner under the situation of limited manpower and a sharp increase in workload in the prison area. Division of labor, leading everyone to carry out various tasks in a busy and unhurried manner, from food raw material classification and cleaning to processing, from tableware disinfection to overall sanitation and safety of the premises, and strictly control all aspects of food processing to ensure absolute safety and sanitation of food processing, and eliminate food Originated disease occurs.

“Fortunately, we are both policemen, we can understand each other, otherwise we would have no idea how many times we will fight.” Wu Jianbing said.

For dual-police families, suspension, closed duty, and overtime have become the norm in life. The continuous closed duty is not the most difficult thing for the two of them. The most difficult thing to accept is that in September 2020, Wu Jianbing’s father and Luo Yan’s father were diagnosed with cancer.

In order to take care of the elderly and children to the utmost extent, the two staggered their duties. When Wu Jianbing entered the supervisor, Luo Yan took care of the home, and when Luo Yan entered the supervisor, Wu Jianbing took care of the home. Over the past year or so, the two have rarely met together, and they have rarely seen each other. Despite this, there is still a period of time when both of them are away. The elderly were inconvenient to move, so the children had to ask their neighbors to help pick them up when they went to school, and they persisted for a year.

On December 11 last year, Wu Jianbing just came out of defense, and his father passed away the next day. Wu Jianbing was deeply saddened. Today, the two children are looked after by an elderly mother. The old mother has never complained about this. Wu Jianbing cherishes the support of his family. If he is on duty in prison, he will call home twice a day. Sometimes his mother will not answer the phone, and he will be very worried. Know that she is safe.” Wu Jianbing said.

The child has a strong sense of attachment because he is afraid of separation. At the beginning of this year, Luo Yan entered the supervisor on duty. When he left home, the youngest son cried his mother in his arms and said: “Mom, why are you leaving for a few days after coming back! You can’t accompany me!” Luo Yan could only coax. The child said that he would go home in 7 days, but he had broken his promise again. The prison temporarily extended the duty time and went home after half a month.

Luo Yan told reporters with tears that in the Guangxi prison system, there are still many pairs of police couples who are silently giving. Before some police officers closed their duty, the children who had just turned one year old were learning to walk. When they returned home, the children no longer knew their mother, so they were not allowed to hold or even cry. Other policemen greeted him at the door with his son holding flowers. The toddler son staggered towards the crowd, but gave the flowers to another aunt, because he couldn’t recognize his mother’s face…

“There is no difficulty that is insurmountable, and there is no spring that will not come. No matter what difficulties we encounter, we will not be afraid and stick to it. It is our commitment to home, work, and the motherland.” Luo Yan said.

Picture① Luo Yan inspects the internal hygiene of prisoners. Photo courtesy of Guangxi Women’s Prison

Figure② Wu Jianbing (middle) leads the branch party members to conduct theoretical study. Photo courtesy of Nanning Prison

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