Philippine officials are tough on the South China Sea issue and threaten to take action:not to be blinded by the Chinese vaccine

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Recently, Western countries headed by the United States have done everything they want, and have launched rounds of”offensives” against China. At the same time, the United States has not forgotten to actively win over other Asian countries and create contradictions with China. The Philippines has now become one of the goals of the United States. Previously, Chinese fishing boats were repaired near Oxyoke Reef due to sea conditions and other reasons. This incident aroused the attention of the Philippine national defense. The military referred to Chinese fishing boats as”Chinese maritime militia ships” and even dispatched military planes.

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Philippine Secretary of Defense Loren Zana has always stated that China is using”maritime militia” to occupy the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea). He also emphasized that the weather has improved, but there are still 44 Chinese fishing boats staying on Oxyoke Reef. In front of the media, he even bluntly said:”I’m not a fool!” In implication, Lorenzana believes that these so-called”Chinese maritime militia ships” do not leave on Oxyoke Reef not because of the weather and sea conditions, but because of the weather and sea conditions. He confirmed his inference:”China is occupying Philippine territory.”

However, this kind of remark has long been overturned by the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines. The Chinese side emphasized that the oxbow reef belongs to China and that Chinese fishermen will fish there every year. When the weather is bad, Chinese fishermen will put their fishing boats close to the reef to avoid wind, and when the weather improves, they will disperse to continue fishing. Chinese fishermen have been like this for many years, but they were provoked by the Philippines this year, and even hyped up a normal state as an”emergency”, which is enough to show that the Philippines is embarrassed.

Chinese fishing boats were expelled by the Philippines when they were fishing in Chinese territory. This is obviously interfering in China’s internal affairs, and the Philippine Secretary of Defense hyped up this matter in such a high-profile manner. Obviously the Philippines The domestic pro-American forces are not at peace, and the Philippines’ move seems to be a response to the United States.

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However, I did not expect the situation to be To further escalate, Panello, the chief legal adviser of the President of the Philippines, also issued a statement on the 5th. In the statement, Panello stated that China is”invading” the Philippine territory. Such behavior will become an unwelcome stain in the relationship between China and the Philippines, and it may cause the two countries to be the least willing to see and have nothing to see. Necessary hostilities.

Panelo’s statement was also called”the toughest measure so far.” by the Western media. After that, the President of the Philippines Duterte’s spokesperson Locke also said that the president has clearly pointed out that this issue will not lead to wars between friendly countries, but hopes that this deadlock can be resolved as soon as possible. .

The current attitude towards this matter is divided into two factions in the Philippines. The military hardliners, represented by Defense Minister Lorenzana, believe that they should continue to care about this issue with China. Lorenzana even emphasized that China once used”maritime militias to occupy Huangyan Island and Meiji Reef.” The Chinese Embassy in the Philippines protested this argument and urged the Philippine authorities to control their speech to prevent the current situation from worsening. At this time, Sullivan, the National Security Affairs Assistant to the President of the United States, also called the Philippine National Security Advisor to initiate a series of discussions on the Bullbow Reef incident. The United States has ulterior motives in this move, and is taking this opportunity to expand its domestic influence in the Philippines, trying to control the Philippines’ position on the China issue.

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and Philippine President Duterte But Erte believes that this kind of matter should be resolved through consultations, and the friendly relations between the two countries should not be stalemate due to such matters. The remarks of Chief Legal Counsel Panello also indicated that territorial disputes should be resolved through diplomatic negotiations or international law. However, Panello’s statement also mentioned one point. Although the Philippines admires China’s humanitarian attitude very much, it will not be blinded by it. The Manila Times pointed out that although China provided the Philippines with a large amount of vaccines and new crown materials during the epidemic, the Philippines relied on these to control the domestic epidemic, but the current territorial issues, the Philippines will still distinguish the”big right and wrong”.

At the end of the Panello statement, it was mentioned that the Philippines can talk about mutually beneficial negotiations with China, but it is impossible to start negotiations on sovereignty issues. The Philippine Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also stated its position that as long as the Chinese ships do not leave, the Philippines will send diplomatic protests to China every day. In addition, the spokesperson of the President of the Philippines, Locke, said in an interview with the US media that the President supports the Secretary of Defense’s remarks but emphasized that there will be no war with China.

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Although the senior officials in the Philippines have already He acted very tough, but President Duterte did not say too much in his population that stimulated Sino-Philippine relations too much. The current Philippine government’s attitude towards China is quite pragmatic, and the two sides still have the opportunity to resolve issues through communication and consultation. It is worth mentioning that the domestic elections in the Philippines will begin in the second half of this year. In addition, this year is the last year of negotiations and consultations on the”South China Sea Code of Conduct”. Therefore, the Philippine officials’ statements are politically showy.

The South China Sea issue has always attracted the attention of the Philippines, so the Duterte administration will also make a fuss about the South China Sea issue. But the extent to which the Philippines will behave in this regard is unclear, but Duterte has emphasized that it will not use war to resolve this matter. The United States will take this opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity to enter the Philippines. Pro-US and anti-China forces in the Philippines will be backed. If the Philippines also joins the US camp, another country will be teased by the United States as”cannon fodder.”