Pulmonologist testified that Freud died of hypoxia, kneeling pressure hindered normal breathing

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China News Service, April 9th. According to a comprehensive report, on the 8th local time, the trial of the former Minneapolis police officer Xiao Wan who was accused of killing George Floyd continued. A specialist appeared in court to testify that Freud died due to lack of oxygen, and “kneeling pressure” caused him to be unable to use his lungs to breathe normally.

On the 8th local time, pulmonologist Martin Tobin stated in the court that he watched “hundreds of times” the video of Freud’s arrest on May 25, 2020.

He said: “Freud died of hypoxia,” which caused his brain damage and arrhythmia, which eventually caused his heart to stop beating.

Pulmonologist testified that Freud died of hypoxia, kneeling pressure hindered normal breathing

On March 29, local time, the US “Floyd Case” officially opened in Minneapolis. Before the trial began, the family of the deceased and the lawyer knelt on one knee in front of the court to mourn the deceased George Freud.

Dubin pointed out that Floyd was pressed on the street by Xiao Wan and other police officers on his neck and back, handcuffed by handcuffs, and his face was “pressed” on the ground, which caused him to breathe Becomes faint.

He further explained that the policeman’s knee was on the left side of Freud’s chest, which hindered his breathing ability. “There is almost no chance for air to enter his left chest.”


p > Dubin said that at the time Freud’s chest was “absolutely impossible” to expand and breathe normally. And, from the video, it can be seen that his fingers and knuckles are on the ground, trying to lift his right chest and hit his face on the road, trying to use his nose, chin and forehead to help him suck air into the right chest cavity. .

Finally, Dubin also said that Freud did have a medical history, but even a healthy person might die under the same conditions.

In May 2020 local time, when the former police officer involved in the case Xiao Wan was arresting Freud, he knelt for 9 minutes and caused Freud’s death. The video of Freud dying calling for help saying “I can’t breathe” triggered mass protests across the United States. After the incident, Xiao Wan and the other three policemen who were dispatched at the time were all fired.

Currently, Xiao Wan is charged with second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree homicide.