Scientists have discovered the source of an asteroid that hit Earth in 2018

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Scientists have discovered the source of an asteroid that hit Earth in 2018

After the rock was discovered, researchers began to trace its origin. Now, a new article published in “Meteoritics and Planetary Science” The paper gives their conclusions.

According to scientists, this asteroid is likely to come from a giant asteroid that astronomers have been paying attention to for some time. This space rock is called Vesta, and it is the second largest known planet in the solar system. Although the history of Vesta has always been shrouded in mystery, it is believed that the impact on the surface of the asteroid has produced many fragments, and it seems that one of its pieces has reached the earth.

The asteroid fragments that fell in Botswana are relatively small. In a sky survey conducted by the University of Arizona, the asteroid gave birth to these fragments in the form of a flash of light. When they reached the earth, the fragments were scattered in the central Kalahari wildlife sanctuary. Researchers carefully searched the area and found a total of 23 meteorites.

The research leader Peter Jenniskens said in a statement: “Combining the observation of asteroids in space and the information collected from meteorites, we found that it may come from Vesta, which is our solar system. The second largest planet is also the target of NASA’s Dawn mission. Billions of years ago, two huge impacts on Vesta created a series of larger and more dangerous asteroids. Newly discovered meteorites provided us with impacts. A clue to the possible time.”

Tracking these fragments is a challenge because these observations were made shortly before the rock reached the earth. Once the debris falls, scientists must look for video clips to provide them with clues as to where the debris fell.

After the sample was discovered, the task of studying the rock material began. After a long investigation, the researchers finally concluded that it came from a collision with Vesta. In addition, these fragments are believed to have fallen off Vesta when it collided with another celestial body about 22 million years ago.

In recent years, the science of tracking the origin of asteroids has developed by leaps and bounds. Incredibly, the researchers were able to trace the origin of space rocks after they hit the earth. These types of research projects are helping us humans to learn more about the solar system and all the matter in it, and may open new ways to study the formation of asteroids.