Sinkhole leak in Florida is under control, compulsory evacuation order lifted

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China News Service, April 7th. According to a report by the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), a few days ago, a leak in an industrial sewage pond in Tampa Bay, Florida, caused people to worry. On the 6th local time, local officials said that the leakage of the sewage tank has been controlled and the relevant mandatory evacuation order has been lifted.

Sinkhole leak in Florida is under control, compulsory evacuation order lifted


p >Recently, a sewage storage pond leaked in Tampa, Florida, USA.

According to previous media reports, this sewage pond is located in a mining area. There were signs of leakage in March. The amount of leaked water rose sharply on April 2. The state government was worried that the wall might collapse at any time, causing sewage to overflow. The sewage stored in the pond contains a large amount of phosphorus, nitrogen and other substances. If it flows into the waters of Tampa Bay or triggers red tide disasters; there is industrial waste phosphogypsum stored near the sewage pond, which contains a variety of radioactive substances and toxic heavy metals such as mercury, lead and arsenic. The bursting of the pond water may cause radioactive pollution.

On April 3, Governor De Santis declared a state of emergency in the area where the incident occurred; as of the 4th, over 300 residents had received emergency evacuation orders and some highways were closed.

According to the latest news, in response to the sewage tank leak, relevant departments have deployed more than 20 pumps and other equipment. Initially, the cesspool stored about 480 million gallons of sewage, but after the leak was discovered, a large amount of sewage has been discharged.

Scott Hopps, an official in Manati County, Florida, stated that the mandatory evacuation order has been lifted and said: “We believe that the risk has been mitigated and controlled.” Prior to this, local officials had announced that a highway near the sinkhole would be reopened.

The report said that at the same time, a Florida lawmaker proposed to spend $200 million to clean up and close the cesspool. But it is currently unclear how officials plan to deal with this huge engineering challenge.