South Korea’s ruling party defeated in the local by-election Moon Jae-in: “Accept accountability”

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China News Service, Seoul, April 8th (Reporter Zeng Nai) In response to the ruling party’s defeat in the local government leadership and parliamentary by-election, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said on the 8th that he would seriously accept public accountability.

On April 8th, the results of the by-election by local government leaders and members of South Korea came out. The largest opposition party, the National Power Party, won the posts of Mayor of Seoul and Mayor of Busan, and won overwhelming positions in many regions. victory. The ruling party, the Common Democracy Party, is losing ground.

The defeat of the ruling party means the first time in the past five years that South Korean progressives have won four consecutive victories in the 2016 parliamentary elections, 2017 presidential elections, 2018 local elections, and 2020 parliamentary elections. Defeated. Public opinion believes that the ruling party has fallen into the biggest crisis since the establishment of the Moon Jae-in government.

South Korea’s ruling party defeated in the local by-election Moon Jae-in: “Accept accountability”


p > According to news from the Blue House of the Presidential Palace of South Korea, President Moon Jae-in of South Korea said on the defeat of the ruling party that he will seriously accept public accountability;

Li Luoyuan, the leader of the Democratic Party of Korea’s ruling party and the chairman of the Permanent Election Countermeasures Committee, also said on the same day that he humbly accepts the election results and is responsible for losing the election.

Analysis believes that, mainly due to the recent property market turmoil and the “land speculation” scandal by staff of the planning department, the public’s support for the ruling party has fallen sharply.

The new Mayor of Seoul and the Mayor of Busan, who were elected in this by-election, only have a term of more than one year. (End)