Tesla, with the”hammer” logo, suffered three hammers in three days

By yqqlm yqqlm

There is no worst, only worse. These two sentences describe the current Tesla as the most appropriate.

Three days ago, Tesla seemed to be a personally beloved internet celebrity little cutie, looking like the sky; within three days, Tesla became everyone shouting The”cross-street rat” who hits him can’t lift his head.

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“Iron Man” horse Skee never imagined that the foundation of his”new energy vehicle empire” would be ruined by an unknown stubborn female car owner.

It’s just that he did all this by himself?

Looking back, within three days, the Tesla with the “hammer” logo was sturdy and smashed three times, which also stunned its arrogance.

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The first hammer:the executives are domineering and get hurt by accident!

There are many people who cheat themselves, but it’s really rare for Tesla executives to cheat their own company.

There are a lot of people in the court, car owners are making trouble, even if you take control, you should turn the big things into small things as soon as possible, or keep your mouth shut. This is the way of public relations management. . What’s more, even the responsibility is not clear?

She’s good, for fear that the world will not be chaotic, it is a set of mixed punches,”Recent negatives are all contributed by her“, what” Tesla is impossible to compromise“,”I think she is very professional, there should be someone behind” and so on, etc., etc., all emotional intuitions are pushed out, and users, The peers and netizens were all offended. She was happy, and Tesla was in pain.

On occasions where you score points when you throw the pot, the lethality of this kind of accidental injury is really not small, and Tesla has been miserable by his own people this time!

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The second hammer:the official media collectively propaganda, public opinion!

A senior executive is so overbearing. If our official media don’t send it out, then it’s impossible.

So, Xinhua News Agency, Chang’an Sword, CCTV, etc. collectively made their voices. The torture, even if Tesla claims that he does not have a public relations team, the square Chinese characters can always be read clearly, right? Is it praise or criticism, you can always figure it out, right? What does it mean, you can always guess something, right?

Behind the official media is public opinion. Regardless of the boiling public opinion, can official media questions be ignored? Do you really think Tesla is doing business on Mars?

The hurried apology in the middle of the night was the last resort of Tesla, who was in a hurry. Whether the apology is sincere or not is not important anymore, the key is to have to deal with this level before it can be considered as a pass!

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The third hammer:Supervision orders cooperation, Wang exploded!

In the morning, the news that”Ping An refuses to take insurance for Tesla owners” probably scared Tesla enough. The cold sweat on the body has not been wiped clean, and the more terrible news is here:the driving data is here!

I don’t know what kind of medicine Tesla sells in the gourd if it refuses to provide driving data. However, Zhengzhou’s regulatory authorities are really strong, facing difficulties and facing tough. :Tesla must provide data, and still”obligate”,”immediately” and”unconditionally”!

If you can’t see the driving data, you can’t solve the focal dispute, but you can’t solve the problem even if you don’t give it. Instead of dragging it around, it’s better to get rid of it, you have to give it!

Tesla, who sees data as life, is considered to have encountered a real steel plate this time. As soon as this opening was opened, Tesla’s”data confidentiality dam”Thousands of miles will be collapsed, and all user disputes and national security will be solved easily. This is the real explosion!

Tesla, who did not want to pay the price, paid an unbearable price. If I knew it now, why bother?

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The behavior of the company is to make money , But want to make money and want to be an uncle is destined to be undesirable, Tesla is a vivid example.

But Tesla will definitely not”sit and wait to die“, saying Uncertainly there will be moths like”apologizing in the middle of the night”.

I’ll wait for the people to eat melons, put the bench, put melon seeds, wait for the show to kick off, let’s see what other tricks Tesla has!

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