The 18th Anniversary of Leslie Cheung’s Death: The long-lasting remembrance is “missing you”

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China News Service, Hong Kong, April 1st, title: The 18th anniversary of Leslie Cheung’s death: The long-lasting memory is “missing you”

“When you see the bright stars, please think of me and think of me. “April 1, 2021 is the 18th anniversary of Leslie Cheung’s death. Under the bright night view of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, the concert “Miss You Leslie Cheung” was held on the rooftop of Ocean Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui. Many well-known Hong Kong artists attended the concert to cherish the memory of a generation of “superstars.”

The 18th Anniversary of Leslie Cheung’s Death: The long-lasting remembrance is “missing you”


p >April 1 is the 18th anniversary of the death of Hong Kong’s late famous artist Leslie Cheung. Starting in the morning, fans and movie fans have come to Hong Kong’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel to present flowers and portraits to mourn the legendary Leslie Cheung. Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Wei

“Because I have a lot of mutual friends with my brother (Leslie Cheung), I used to have dinner parties. The most memorable thing is that I was honored to sing karaoke with my brother during’Feng Mi’ OK, it looks like winning!” Singer Li Keqin recalled the past, unforgettable the moments of getting along with Leslie Cheung. At the concert, Keqin Lee presented Leslie Cheung’s classic song “Love for You” and sang “Heartstrings at this time, there is resonance”.

As Hong Kong is still affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, only staff are allowed to enter and exit the “Miss You Leslie Cheung” concert, but the performance will be broadcast simultaneously on more than 80 platforms around the world, including singers such as Xu Guanjie, Karen Mok, and Zhang Zhilin. Also attended the concert.

The host of the concert, Zheng Danrui, said that Leslie Cheung in his memories always conveys warmth and strength to everyone. The holding of this concert is also approved by Leslie Cheung’s agent and friends, hoping to reproduce Leslie Cheung’s classics Songs convey energy to society.

On April 1, 2003, Leslie Cheung jumped down from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong, which became a regret for many people. Although it was during the SARS epidemic, many Hong Kong citizens spontaneously went to the vicinity of Leslie Cheung’s fall to hold candlelight memorial activities and sang Leslie Cheung’s classic works such as “The Wind Continues To Blow”.

Today, 18 years later, the people’s nostalgia for Leslie Cheung has not stopped. As the new crown pneumonia epidemic continued, citizens still came to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. They laid flowers in an orderly manner, and left cards and letter paper with words such as “I miss you” to express their longing for Leslie Cheung. On the white paper attached to a bunch of flowers, the seven bold words “I will always miss Leslie Cheung” are particularly dazzling, and the signature is “Mainland Rong Fan”.

Hong Kong artists Carina Lau, Yuen Anita, Zhou Huimin, Fan Shaohuang, etc. also posted posts on social platforms to express their miss for Leslie Cheung.

Carina Lau wrote: “18 years, miss you, brother”; Anita Yuan wrote: “Brother, yesterday I talked about you with my son, and my son asked me: “Do you miss him, mom? I miss him.” “; Zhou Huimin sent out the film clips of the former collaboration with Leslie Cheung, with the verse of Li Shangyin: “The song of the cloud will be heard clearly, and the dance of Huixue will be light. As long as the ruler is Liuxuan, the ruler will tilt himself.”

Netizens also left messages on the Internet, writing words to commemorate Leslie Cheung, or looking for stories and fragments from Leslie Cheung’s past songs and movies, praising Leslie’s professionalism, love, and superstar demeanor; “May my brother be in heaven no more Disturbed by illness!” Some netizens also called on people to pay more attention to depression because Leslie Cheung had suffered from depression.

More netizens wrote like this: “Brother, I miss you, everyone misses you very much.” (End)