The Chinese Embassy in Italy reminds citizens to further strengthen prevention of the epidemic

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China News Service, Berlin, April 7th, Rome News: The Chinese Embassy in Italy issued a “Warm Reminder on Further Strengthening the Prevention of the Epidemic” on the 6th, reminding Chinese citizens traveling in Italy to further strengthen their awareness of prevention and effectively protect themselves and their families health and safety.

The Chinese Embassy in Italy reminds citizens to further strengthen prevention of the epidemic


p >On April 3, local time, in Rome, Italy, police patrolled the central square. During Easter, Italy was upgraded to a red epidemic prevention zone, and it was not allowed to go out for non-essential reasons.

  1. Please pay close attention to the government’s epidemic prevention laws and regulations, and strictly abide by the local epidemic prevention regulations. Complete personal hygiene protection measures to reduce unnecessary outings and avoid going to crowded places. Please wear a mask in public places and maintain social distancing. Adhere to the principle of “non-essential, no going out; non-urgent, no travel” to avoid the risk of infection.

Second, all overseas Chinese delegations and Chinese business enterprises are requested to steadily organize the resumption of work and production, and do a good job in the protection and management of relevant personnel. Please remind and supervise each other, put an end to all kinds of meal gathering group activities, and strictly prevent the risk of infection in communities, enterprises, and families.

  1. In case of emergency or special difficulties, please call the consular insurance number of the embassy or consulate in time or contact the local overseas Chinese delegation, the student union, etc. for help. If the infection is confirmed or there are suspected symptoms, please contact the local medical institution in time, follow the instructions of the medical staff for testing, isolation or treatment, and report to the overseas Chinese delegation and the embassy in a timely manner.

The contact information of the Chinese Embassy in Italy is as follows:

The telephone number of the Global Consular Protection and Emergency Call Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: +86-10-12308;