The Daily News has known early (20210409)

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Key News

Xi Jinping recently made important instructions to deepen cooperation between the east and the west and fixed-point assistance work, emphasizing that to adapt to changes in the situation and tasks, promote the spirit of poverty alleviation, accelerate the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, and comprehensively promote rural revitalization.

The State Council Information Office held a briefing on the 8th. The revised”Regulations on the Administration of Grain Circulation” came into effect on the 15th, clarifying the responsibility of the party and government for food security for the first time.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs announced on the 8th that this year, the central government will link up and promote rural revitalization subsidies to reach 156.1 billion yuan, and promote the sustainable development of characteristic industries in poverty-stricken areas.

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On the 7th, 24 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia were added, including 13 imported cases and 11 local cases (all in Yunnan).

News from the China Vaccine Industry Association, nearly 70%of the Chinese are expected by the end of this year It is expected that the new crown vaccination will be carried out one after another.

The National Development and Reform Commission and other departments jointly promulgated Hainan’s special measures to relax market access, including 22 items such as the development of Internet prescription drug sales.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated on the 8th in response to the US’s inappropriate remarks on Taiwan that China has never intended to intimidate anyone, but it is not afraid of any intimidation; China does not want to intimidate anyone, but Nobody’s coercion is useless.

On April 7, local time, White House Spokesperson Jane Psaki stated that the United States’ plan to participate in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has not changed.

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On the 8th, in the first round of the Tokyo Olympic Women’s Football Qualifiers play-off match, the Chinese women’s football team defeated the Korean women’s football team 2-1 away.

WHO statistics show that as of the afternoon of the 8th Beijing time , The world has a total of 132,485,386 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia, and 2,875,672 deaths.


Central According to the Meteorological Observatory, starting today, the south will usher in a new round of rainfall. At the same time, the Northeast region will quickly start the heating mode.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development interviewed Guangzhou and other five local governments on the 8th, demanding resolutely curb speculation and real estate speculation, and ensure the realization of stable land prices, house prices, and expectations.

The Provincial Supervision Committee of the Yunnan Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission notified on the 8th that due to serious negligence in the prevention and control of the epidemic, Comrade Gong Yunzun, Secretary of the Ruili Municipal Party Committee, was revoked from the party Dismissal from post and government affairs, and downgraded to a first-level investigator.

According to the Ministry of Public Security, more than 17,000 cross-border gambling cases have been investigated since last year, and nearly 110,000 suspects have been arrested, effectively reversing the rising trend of cross-border gambling crimes .

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The head of the Shenzhen family reported that the 4-year-old boy had multiple needles on his body and was suspected of being injured by a needle in the kindergarten. The local education bureau responded that the matter has been accepted and the police have intervened.

On the 7th, the first passenger on flight CA8228 (Xiamen-Wuhan) Falsely claimed that there was a bomb on the plane, causing the plane to return home. After investigation, no explosives were found on the plane, and the passenger involved has been taken away by the police for investigation.

On the 5th, a violent medical incident occurred in Hebei Qian’an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The local government reported on the 8th that the victim was not in serious condition for the time being, and the suspects Wang Mouhai and Cao Moubao had been detained.

Between January and February last year, Ji Moumou from Beijing sold more than 30,000 fake and shoddy masks, guilty of selling fake and shoddy products. Sin, sentenced to 7 years.

Luo Yuanqing and other volunteers from Ruili, Yunnan, together with farmers, picked 13 tons of watermelons from 5 a.m. and sent them to the hotel where epidemic prevention personnel settled, just to express their gratitude .

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The 27-year-old Dr. Wang Zhuorong of Beijing Tsinghua Chang Gung Memorial Hospital has unfortunately passed away. His family reluctantly donated his organs, bringing hope to 5 critically ill patients.


The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation issued an announcement that starting from January 1, 2021, R&D expenses for manufacturing enterprises 100%plus deduction before tax. The Ministry of Natural Resources issued a notice stating that schools, kindergartens and other public welfare facilities are not allowed to apply for real estate mortgage registration. Jiangxi issued the main points of the work, clarifying that 21,000 5G base stations will be newly opened in 2021, and strive to”connect 5G in counties and counties” this year.

Life Tips

Today’s weather: Xinjiang along the Tianshan Mountains, eastern and southern Tibet, central and northern Qinghai, Hexi and southern Gansu, northern Sichuan plateau and other places There is light to moderate snow or sleet in some areas. There was light to moderate rain in parts of western Inner Mongolia, central Xinjiang, eastern Tibet, central and eastern Northwest China, northern North China, eastern and southern Jiangnan, most of southwestern China, most of southern China, and Taiwan Island.

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Beijing:Starting today, the results of the application for the minibus indicator will be available for inquiry. Those who fail can apply for review.

Immigration management:On the 8th, the 12367 service platform of the National Immigration Management Agency and the English version of the portal of the National Immigration Administration went online.