The Dongguan Chapter of Mission Hills in the Greater Bay Area: Innovation and Perseverance of Manufacturing in the Bay Area

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The Dongguan Chapter of Mission Hills in the Greater Bay Area: Innovation and Perseverance Made in the Bay Area

Editor’s note: The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area includes 9 cities in the Pearl River Delta and two special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau. 0.6% of the country’s area, creating 12% of the country’s GDP. The Greater Bay Area, small stories, big future. From April 15th, the People’s Daily has sent multiple reporters to visit Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Huizhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Zhaoqing, and interview live cases of the development of the Greater Bay Area in various places and experience the Greater Bay first-hand The surging spring tide of district development.

The Dongguan Chapter of Mission Hills in the Greater Bay Area: Innovation and Perseverance of Manufacturing in the Bay Area

A visitor is experiencing VR surgery planning system. The system can reconstruct a 3D simulation model of the lesion in a virtual reality environment and assist surgeons in formulating surgical plans. People’s Daily reporter Zhu Xiaoxi, Zhu Yingqi photo

The Dongguan Chapter of Mission Hills in the Greater Bay Area: Innovation and Perseverance of Manufacturing in the Bay Area(1)

One The unmanned inspection vehicle is driving. The inspection vehicle uses low-speed unmanned driving technology, which can be used in factories to automatically monitor the operation of wires, pipes, dashboards, etc. People’s Daily reporter Zhu Xiaoxun and Zhu Yingqi photo

In the Dongguan Songshan Lake International Robot Industry Base, the robot hand used by Gongye Technology for domestic waste sorting is operating quickly and keenly, which is the fastest sorting speed in the world. Fast intelligent sorting robot; with the VR glasses of Miaozhi Technology, the patient’s bone image on the computer screen can be changed from flat to three-dimensional, and doctors can use this device to formulate surgical plans; Yunjing Intelligent Technology is a drag-and-sweep integrated Robots can not only mop the floor by themselves, but also wash the mop by themselves…

These novel and unique intelligent robots are all born from the incubation of the Songshan Lake Hong Kong and Macau Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base. This area of ​​only 120,000 square meters has gathered 72 young entrepreneurs from Hong Kong and Macau, attracting well-known venture capital capital of close to 1 billion yuan. When asked why they came here to start a business after graduating from Hong Kong, the young entrepreneurs gave a common answer: Because of the strong entrepreneurial atmosphere here, excellent innovative talents at home and abroad have been gathered; support policies are good, and the base is for entrepreneurship. Companies provide nanny-style services; the supply chain is complete, and all the supporting companies needed for product manufacturing can be visited within an hour or even half an hour.

Advocating innovation and entrepreneurship, while adhering to the advantages of the manufacturing industry, the experience of Hong Kong and Macao entrepreneurs reflects the truest aspect of the high-quality development of Dongguan’s economy today. Dongguan used to be a gathering place for foreign trade and foreign companies. The comprehensive manufacturing industry chain that has been built for many years allows Dongguan to enjoy the title of “World Factory”. Nowadays, science and technology and innovation have become more eye-catching labels in Dongguan. A large number of heavyweight scientific projects are located in Dongguan, and more small and technological enterprises are sprouting and growing here. Dongguan Songshan Lake Science City is embedded in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area like a pearl. The National Science Center is in the first start-up area. During the transformation, Dongguan did not abandon its original traditional advantages, but used technological innovation to lead the transformation and upgrading of the original industry and create a more advanced modern industrial system. It is precisely because of the manufacturing industry that undertakes innovative ideas to blossom. The innovative and entrepreneurial “body” of China has more vitality.

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Chen Dongmin, Executive Deputy Director of Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory The relevant situation of the laboratory is being introduced. People’s Daily reporter Ouyang Jie photo

Whether it is changing or sticking to it, it is the innovative genes of Dongguan. The spirit of innovation has been incorporated into the blood of Dongguan and has become the most distinctive spiritual trait of Dongguan people. Forty years ago, Dongguan, full of innovative spirit, attracted foreign investment from all over the world. Ten years ago, basic research did not receive the same attention as it is today. Dongguan introduced the construction of my country’s first spallation neutron source, and built a nationwide weapon in a litchi garden, making China the fourth in the world to have spallation. The country of Ziyuan has laid a solid foundation for my country’s latest development in many fields such as materials science, chemistry and chemical engineering, and new energy. It is the innovative spirit of Dongguan that has achieved this vision and responsibility. Today, at the Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory, Executive Deputy Director Chen Dongmin said with a smile that he feels pressured here because every day someone asks him, what innovative projects do you have here? Here, scientists have not only established a number of world-class laboratories, they are also actively exploring the path for the successful transfer and transformation of scientific research results, and innovating scientific research systems and mechanisms.

The Dongguan Chapter of Mission Hills in the Greater Bay Area: Innovation and Perseverance of Manufacturing in the Bay Area(3)

Scientists from Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory are working Conduct scientific experiments. People’s Daily reporter Zhu Xiaoxuan photo

Today’s Dongguan Shouzheng Innovation not only leads technological innovation but also gives play to the advantages of the original industry, drawing fresh elements on a rich picture. In the interview, I can feel everywhere that the people of Dongguan are proud of their strong manufacturing base and understand the importance of the industrial foundation to the future collaborative innovation of the Greater Bay Area. They are striving to stabilize the chain and replenish the chain, strengthen the chain and expand the chain, and create advanced manufacturing. Industrial intelligent manufacturing cluster. The people of Dongguan are more deeply aware of the urgency of innovation, and are moving forward on the road of innovation and entrepreneurship.