The first batch of new coronavirus self-test kits arrived in Greece, teachers and students must self-test every week

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China News Service, April 6th. According to a report by the Greek “China-Greece Times”, in order to cope with the severe epidemic of high-infected people and ease the pressure on medical institutions, Greece has distributed free new coronaviruses that residents can use from April. Self-detection tools. On April 3, local time, the first batch of 1 million new coronavirus self-test kits arrived in Greece.

According to reports, these supplies will be delivered to pharmacies in the center and suburbs of Athens-Thessaloniki on April 6. From April 7th to 8th, people can pick up the self-check box at the pharmacy in the center of the city. On April 9, people in the suburbs can also start to receive self-check boxes. The distribution of self-check boxes will give priority to teachers and students (especially students aged 16-18).

The first batch of new coronavirus self-test kits arrived in Greece, teachers and students must self-test every week


p >Subsequently, the self-check box will also be provided to people aged 18-67. Given that the vast majority of people over the age of 67 have been vaccinated, this group will be the last consideration when issuing self-check boxes.

It is reported that teachers and students must conduct self-tests every week. Parents of students only need to show the Greek Social Security Number (AMKA) to receive the self-check box for the student. Citizens active in the coastal shipping industry, ocean shipping industry, retail industry, catering industry, tourism industry, processing industry and courts should also undergo rapid testing for the new coronavirus once a week.

Experts pointed out that self-testing cannot replace epidemiological testing. Self-test is an effective means of early self-diagnosis and self-protection for individuals, and can ensure “early diagnosis and early isolation” for asymptomatic patients.

According to reports, if red lines appear in both the letter “C” and “T” columns on the self-check box, the test result is positive. If only the red line appears in the letter “C” column on the self-test box, the test result is negative. If there is a red line in only the letter “T” column on the self-check box, there is an error in the test process and the test needs to be repeated.

If the self-inspection result is positive, the citizen needs to log in to the electronic platform, and then submit a statement based on his identity. The electronic platform will send certificates or text messages to citizens. According to the certificate or text message, citizens can go to public or private institutions to seek professional help for the second test.

People who must undergo self-examination, and the test result is negative, should submit a disclaimer. Employees and educators submit disclaimers in their own name, and disclaimers for minor students should be submitted by their parents or guardians. Absences from class or work due to secondary testing should not affect student performance or employee salaries. (Zhu Tianhao)