The Greek government will issue subsidies for the catering industry. Who can apply?

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China News Service, April 7th. According to the Greek “China-Greece Times” report, the Greek government recently announced that it will start the evaluation and approval of subsidy applications for catering companies. The total amount of subsidies that can be applied for this time amounts to 330 million. EUR. Approximately 34,000 Greek catering companies are expected to receive the subsidy, and each company receives approximately 7% of its annual turnover.

The Greek government will issue subsidies for the catering industry. Who can apply?


p > Pedestrians pass by a closed commercial street on November 7, 2020, Athens, Greece. In order to contain the new crown epidemic, starting at 6 a.m. local time on the 7th, Greece has entered a three-week lockdown state. Including retail stores, restaurants, coffee shops and other enterprises, will suspend business during the blockade.

Reported that the Greek restaurant industry has been unable to operate for five consecutive months. The Ministry of Development of Greece hopes to use a new electronic platform on the Greek National Funding Information System as soon as possible through a business plan called “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, so as to quickly review, evaluate and approve related applications. The Greek government hopes that most companies will receive subsidies before Easter.

Currently, the time for the catering industry to resume business is undetermined, and restaurants operating in open spaces may be expected to resume business on Easter. However, whether the catering industry can successfully restart depends on the direction of the epidemic during the resumption of schools and the opening of the market. The subsidy application will continue until July 31, so that the seasonal production company in the tourist resort can apply for subsidy.

It is reported that any Greek catering company whose turnover in 2020 has dropped by 30% compared to 2019 can apply for the subsidy. For a company established in 2019, its 2020 turnover should only include the turnover from the first anniversary of the company’s establishment to December 31, 2020. Companies established in 2020 will automatically be eligible to apply for the grant.

If it meets the standards of the Greek National Strategic Framework, the franchise company is also entitled to apply for the grant. In addition, some companies do not have activity codes in the catering industry, but most of their income comes from economic activities in the catering industry. In this case, these companies also have the right to apply for subsidies.