The latest British study: The infection rate of the new coronavirus has declined but the speed has slowed down

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China News Service, April 8th. According to foreign media reports, a new study in the United Kingdom shows that since March, the infection rate of the new crown virus in England has dropped by about 60%, but this downward trend is “something” Slow down”.

According to reports, the latest study by the “Real-time Evaluation of Community Transmission” (REACT) conducted by Imperial College London, UK shows that in March, only 1 out of 500 people in England carried the new crown virus, and the infection rate also increased from 2 The month’s 0.49% fell to March’s 0.2%.

It is reported that London and the southeast have seen the largest decline in infection rates, but experts warn that there are still “highly endemic areas” in southern, central and northwestern Yorkshire.

The latest British study: The infection rate of the new coronavirus has declined but the speed has slowed down


p > On April 6, 2021, local time, in London, England, the bar staff are preparing for the reopening. The British government announced that the United Kingdom will begin the second phase of unblocking. Bars, restaurants and shops will reopen on April 12.

It is reported that the study was conducted from March 11th to 30th. The study also showed that among people 65 and older who are given priority vaccination, the rates of infection, death and hospitalization are the lowest.

Paul Elliott, director of the REACT program at the School of Public Health at Imperial College London, said: “Since the last survey in February, the infection rate has dropped gratifyingly, with an overall decrease of about 60%.” “This is encouraging and shows that we are moving in the right direction.” But Elliott also said that people should continue to comply with epidemic prevention measures.

The REACT research project completed by Imperial College London is currently a large-scale and authoritative series of research projects on the investigation and research of the new crown virus epidemic in the UK.

According to reports, the United Kingdom will further relax the “foot-free” measures implemented in England to prevent and control the new crown epidemic from April 12.