The most crowded 51st gear in history Who will stand “on the cliff”?

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Chinanews.com client, Beijing, April 30th (Reporter Yuan Xiuyue) “The highlight” is finally here, but it is a bit different from what was predicted.

The number of films not only surpassed this year’s Spring Festival and Ching Ming files, but also set a record high. It is called “the most crowded 51st file in history.” But unlike the huge crowds in the Spring Festival stalls, there are many “join the fun” at the 51st stall.

Two movies in the Spring Festival stall won 80% of the box office, and the crowdedness of the 51st stall also means fierce competition. Can the box office return keep up with the enthusiasm of the film party, or will the gods fight or become cannon fodder?

The most crowded 51st gear in history Who will stand “on the cliff”?

“Watch the festival for dinner”?

Since last year, the domestic film market has increasingly shown a trend-“a big outbreak during the schedule, quiet outside the schedule”.

A variety of data can be verified. In February of this year, the Chinese film market produced a total of 12.269 billion yuan at the box office, and the Spring Festival alone contributed more than 7.8 billion yuan. According to a report from the Lighthouse Research Institute, less than 8% of the time spent on the Spring Festival in 2021 contributed 43% of the box office in the first quarter. The box office on Valentine’s Day alone exceeded 1.4 billion yuan, setting a new record for the box office, show times and attendance of the Valentine’s Day file in film history.

Even the unpopular Ching Ming files, which have never been optimistic, have ushered in a turnaround. Ten films have won over 800 million at the box office and become “the strongest Ching Ming files in history.”

However, other than the schedule, the theater has “no movies to watch.” Except for February, the box office in March and April hit the lowest in the past five years. Affected by the overseas epidemic, the number of imported films has also fallen sharply. Of the 10 films with a box office of over 1 billion from 2020 to 2021, only one is an introduction.

The most crowded 51st gear in history Who will stand “on the cliff”?(1)

Although the movie market is coming The more you “watch the festival,” the 51st gear still seems a bit crowded. April 29, a “Red-crowned Crane Girl”; April 30, 5: “Your Wedding”, “Above the Cliff”, “Ice Battle 2”, “When Love Comes”, “Rushing to the Sea”; May 1 8 Department: “Secret Visitor”, “Dynasty Warriors”, “Sunshine Robbers”, “Sweeping Darkness and Decisive Battle”, “Chasing the Tiger and Catching the Dragon”, “Pig Man Movie·Dinosaur Diary”, “Looking for Han”, “Dinosaur Speed”, on the same day There are also 5 re-screening of the old films “The Loveliest Person”, “Qian Xuesen”, “Dong Cunrui”, “Yang Shanzhou” and “The Day Lei Feng”.

This is not the “Antique Bureau Middle Game” and “There is Her in the World” that have not been promoted. It is reported that the former and “Above the Cliff” are both films produced by Emperor Films and have been withdrawn due to a schedule collision. “There is Her in the World” was officially announced in March to be released on April 30, but there is no release information yet. The “Chinese Doctor”, which the outside world speculated that it might be released, also missed the May 1st file.

The most crowded 51st gear in history Who will stand “on the cliff”?(2)

“May First Box Office It is estimated that it will not be less than 1.8 billion”

From the perspective of the box office over the years, although the 51st gear is not as popular as the National Day and summer gear, it can be regarded as the big one among the small ones. In 2018 and The total box office in 2019 is in the order of 1 billion to 1.5 billion. According to the Lighthouse Research Institute report, from 2016 to 2019, the box office of the 51st tier has risen steadily, with an average daily box office of more than 300 million in the past two years. The 5-day scale of the 51st tier in 2021 is expected to be no less than 1.8 billion.

As of 1 p.m. on April 29, the total box office of the 51st film pre-sales reached 119 million yuan. Among them, the romance film “Your Wedding” starring Xu Guanghan and Zhang Ruonan ranked first, with a pre-sale box office of over 50 million yuan. Zhang Yimou’s first spy film “Above the Cliff” ranked second with more than 28 million yuan. The suspense film “Secret Visitor” directed by Chen Zhengdao and starring Guo Fucheng and Duan Yihong ranked third, with a pre-sale of over 12 million yuan. Then there are “Sweeping Darkness·Decisive Battle”, “Chasing Tiger and Catching Dragon”, “Sunshine Robber”, “Dynasty Warriors”, “Pig Man Movie·Dinosaur Diary” and “Looking for the Han”. On April 30, the real-time box office (including pre-sales) of the 51st file has exceeded 100 million yuan, of which “Your Wedding” is the highest, with a cumulative box office of more than 100 million.

The most crowded 51st gear in history Who will stand “on the cliff”?(3)

Think from Taoticket Looking at the data, among the 51 films, “Your Wedding” received the most attention. The number of people who wanted to watch exceeded 400,000 and ranked first. Although it is higher than the dark horse movie “My Sister” in the Qingming file, it is far behind the “Fast and Furious 9” that will be screened at the end of May, and also behind the “Godzilla vs. King Kong” some time ago.

Compared with the Spring Festival file, the pre-sale performance of the 51st film is not much different. However, due to the large number of films, the competition for arranging films has become more intense. The most promising “Your Wedding” first day lineup accounted for nearly 40%, “Above the Cliff” more than 15%, and “Ice and Snow 2” released on the same day only exceeded 5%.

The most crowded 51st gear in history Who will stand “on the cliff”?(4)

May 1st video There are more, and the division of films is more serious. The proportion of “Your Wedding”, “Secret Visitor” and “Above the Cliff” are all about 20%, and the proportion of “Sunshine Robber” and “Chasing the Tiger and Catching the Dragon” accounted for more than 10%. “Dynasty Warriors”, “Sweeping Darkness·Decisive Battle”, “Pig Man Movie·Dinosaur Diary”, and “Searching for Han” are all less than 7%. The comedy movie “Searching for Han Ji” starring Ren Suxi and Li Baotian is the lowest, with only about 1% of the first-day lineup.

The proportion of “Rushing Crowds” once dropped to 3.9% during the Spring Festival, but it counterattacked in the “post-Spring Festival stall” and the box office more than doubled. But there are not many such cases. It requires more than luck and the quality of the film itself.

The most crowded 51st gear in history Who will stand “on the cliff”?(5)

The Spring Festival stalls are not only big box office Good harvest, fare and ticket warehouse are also of concern. According to the “2021 Chinese New Year Market Data Insight Report”, the national average ticket price for the Spring Festival this year is 48.9 yuan, which is 4.2 yuan higher than the average ticket price for the 2019 Spring Festival. Among them, the first-tier cities have increased significantly. Due to the background of “Chinese New Year in situ”, first-tier cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen have also become the top three cities with the highest box office during the Spring Festival.

During May Day this year, movie ticket prices may fall. According to the data of the lighthouse professional edition, the average ticket price for pre-sales of “Your Wedding”, “Above the Cliff”, and “Secret Visitor” are all below RMB 40.

The most crowded 51st gear in history Who will stand “on the cliff”?(6)

Second-tier cities will also replace First-tier cities have become the main force for watching movies. Take the “Above the Cliff” Taobao ticket on April 29th and want to see user portraits. 47.8% of users are located in second-tier cities, 18.4% of users are located in first-tier cities, and 33.8% of users are distributed. In third- and fourth-tier cities.

In the audience, each movie in the 51st file has its own division. The audience of “Your Wedding” is more young women, the audience of “Above the Cliff” is more mature, “Dynasty Warriors”, “Chasing the Tiger and Catching the Dragon”, “Sweeping Darkness and Decisive Battle” are more male-oriented, “Ice and Snow 2” and “Pig Pig” The audience of “Xia Da Movie·Dinosaur Diary” and “Dinosaur Speed” are children.

According to a report by the Lighthouse Research Institute, in terms of the age of movie viewers, the proportion of ticket users in the 51st tier from 2016 to 2018 was stable. In 2019, “Reunion 4” promoted the maturity of the age distribution. In the 51st gear in 2021, users aged 20-29 are expected to return to 60%. It can be seen that catching young people is still the homework for all film producers. (End)