The most poisonous music critic Ding Taisheng Himalaya launches a podcast to listen to the story behind “Tucao Conference”

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China News Service, April 7th. Recently, Ding Taisheng, who was called the first poisonous tongue critic by Li Dan, finally launched the first podcast. The podcast is called “Fat fm” (fat fm). Fat, Dante Taisheng wanted to give it the meaning of tolerance, chatting all over the world. The show will be launched in the Himalayas from April 6th, half an hour per episode.

People who are familiar with “Tucao Conference” will not know Ding Taisheng. Those who scold him think that he came from professionally, and those who like him think he has a true temperament and speak the truth. Rappers and people in the pan-entertainment circle are afraid of confronting him. After all, Ding Taisheng has offended too many musicians. As a record project of Modern Sky, Ding Taisheng has an idealistic “spirit of non-cooperation” in all things. The era of sinking and crowding out of the circle seemed stubborn and out of place.

“I don’t want the demonized Ding Taisheng to be misrepresented again.” This is what he said in the podcast’s release. The opening music is like this: “Let the voice be heard, let you be seen, Louder.” If it weren’t for “Tucao Conference”, he might have lived a life unknown to outsiders.

The most poisonous music critic Ding Taisheng Himalaya launches a podcast to listen to the story behind “Tucao Conference”

He is now the best The high-profile “music critics” have in-depth observations of traffic representatives in the music industry, music variety shows and pan-entertainment industries. At the same time, he is also an in-depth practitioner in the domestic music industry. He has experienced record planning and has been in the business for more than 20 years. He has participated in nearly 100 records and participated in the planning of the Modern Sky Music Festival and the initiator and co-founder of the Strawberry Music Festival. He has rich industry resources and Connections. He used to slash and wander around, but now he is in love with high-profile expression and unrestrained state, even if he has become a target of public criticism.

“Tucao Conference” made Ding Taisheng a success, but it also made him carry the label of “offending half of the music circle”. Did he deliberately? In other words, is everything a coordinated show? From the first podcast of “Loud FM” and chatting with Wang Xiaofeng, I can tell that he is really such a person who “can’t turn the corner”. He was born in such an era of pan-entertainment. To drown a person, he has his serious thinking, and his “spitting out” is not just to cooperate with the spitting out.

Hu Yanbin, Su Youpeng, Zhang Shaohan, Shen Lihui, Hu Haiquan, etc. all came to this podcast platform. Friends said that he was “a person who hates and loves”, “a contradictory individual”, “a young angry man who loves to drink Coke”, “a bad guy to be honest”… Angela Chang said that he is “interesting with an angelic soul.” People, I felt merciless at the beginning, but after a long time I know someone who is true temperament and shy.”

Wang Xiaofeng is a friend of Ding Taisheng and an old media person in the blog era. “Wang Sanbiao”, in the golden age of paper media, his entertainment reports were included, and he also offended many people. Now he and Ding Taisheng are sitting together, discussing the past and present. Ding Taisheng does not hesitate to say that nowadays the ecology of music critics is “getting worse and worse.” The critics are becoming less and less independent, and they are almost liked and disliked by the public. The concept is forced.

The most poisonous music critic Ding Taisheng Himalaya launches a podcast to listen to the story behind “Tucao Conference”(1)

Why not Lexia this year Summer? Why is there such a market for variety show bunker? Why did the music critics shout and beat everyone? However, this show is not all about Tucao music circles, it will talk about everything. The first episode of the podcast will focus on who Ding Taisheng and Ding Taisheng are in the eyes of friends, creative mixed cutting. Later Ding Tai was promoted to the initiator of the dialogue. Each issue invited a guest to have a conversation. He would also link to the mysterious guest to discuss the hottest topics in the pan-entertainment circle. The podcast will be broadcast twice a week on the Himalayas, updated on Wednesday and Thursday.