The movie “Beyond” is set for June 12th, professional guidance by Su Bingtian, Zheng Kai

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Chinanews.com, April 16th. The movie “Beyond” will have its first trailer and poster today, and it will be announced on June 12. In the preview, Hao Chaoyue, played by Zheng Kai, appeared in two states, a sassy young athlete sprinting with all his strength on the track, and a middle-aged, down-and-out man with a fat body. There is a strong contrast.

The movie “Beyond” is set for June 12th, professional guidance by Su Bingtian, Zheng Kai

“Beyond” by Han Directed by Bowen, starring Zheng Kai, Li Yunrui, Cao Bingkun, Zhang Lanxin, Zhang Rongrong, Li Chen and Jin Jing special starring, telling the story of the award-winning “hundred-meter flying man” Hao Chaochao fell into a trough after experiencing life transformation, because of The reunion of best friends is awakened by bloody memories, and reinvigorated to realize the story of self-transcendence.

The preview of the set files is cut from the perspective of Hao Chaoyue. With the passionate commentary, the energetic athlete Hao Chaoyue crosses the line and won the championship perfectly; after a meaningful sentence of “can’t go back”, the preview The style of the film has changed suddenly. Once again, the middle-aged and fattening market character Hao Chaochao is caught in the eye. His family and career are both frustrated, and he is forced to kneel down to beg for help because of his livelihood. Zheng Kai accurately grasps the emotions of the characters in different situations, and uses a freely retractable performance to portray the clearly visible changes in Hao Chaochao, which enriches the character image.

It is reported that in order to restore the true state of the sprinter, the crew invited the “Chinese flying man” Su Bingtian to give professional guidance in Zheng Kai’s pre-training; Zheng Kai also quickly gained 40 pounds in two months to shape The two roles in the play are very dedicated.

The movie “Beyond” will be released nationwide on June 12.