The movie “Countdown to Heaven” launched, Xiao Shenyang wept many times after watching the script

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China News Service, April 7th. On the 6th, the film “Countdown to Heaven” held a project kick-off ceremony in Beijing. Director Tian Zicheng, starring Xiao Shenyang, Mu Qi Miya, Xiu Rui, Shang Tielong and others attended to help out.

The movie “Countdown to Heaven” launched, Xiao Shenyang wept many times after watching the script

About “Countdown to Heaven” In order to pursue Fang Qing, Guan Ye, a care worker in a nursing home who hasn’t paid attention all day long, has done a series of ridiculous things. Instead, he has solved a series of problems in nursing homes by mistake.

The film director Tian Zicheng has directed “Academy of Catching Monsters” and “Our Reverse Youth”. When talking about the original intention of “Countdown to Heaven”, Tian Zicheng said that the film uses a humorous style to express the current status of the “Heaven” elderly home in the movie. Although the facilities are luxurious and the old people have a worry-free life, they are still spiritual. Extremely empty, “They actually want the company of their families more.”

Shenyang, who plays the protagonist Guan Ye in the film, said in an interview that after reading the script in one go, he was moved to tears many times. He revealed that in this drama, there will be fewer comedies and more emotional dramas.

The actor mother Qi Miya played Fang Qing in the film this time. She also admitted that she was touched by the script, “I grew up next to my grandma when I was young, and I had a deep relationship with my grandma. After my grandma passed away, I continued 7 , 8 years to visit the elderly in nursing homes.” Mu Qi Miya said in an interview that playing Fang Qing is both an opportunity and a challenge for herself. Compared with previous roles, she has made great breakthroughs, but she is very confident. I will try my best to interpret this role so that the audience can see the other side of the actor in himself.

The movie “Countdown to Heaven” launched, Xiao Shenyang wept many times after watching the script(1)

To create a deep image of small people When asked by the actor Xiu Rui, who is beloved by a broad audience, whether the role played in the film is challenging compared to the previous one, Xiu Rui admitted that he can only break through by constantly accepting new challenges.

Old artist Mr. Shang Tielong explained his views on the issue of “elderly care”. Although this film tells the story of a nursing home, it also reflects the true portrayal of the issue of “elderly care”. , I hope this movie will attract more people’s attention. The chief producer Shan also expressed the hope that the hot phenomena shown in the film can resonate with society and give the audience a room for reflection in the laughter and tears.

It is reported that the film will be shot in Chongqing and Hainan, and it is planned to be finalized in June.