The owner of the car privately swallowed 7 million yuan in express delivery and burned a car to fake the packaging, but the fire came too fast

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The Paper Journalist Gong Hanhua

Famous watches, digital cameras, brand-name clothing… A van full of express parcels worth more than 7 million yuan suddenly caught fire, and the police found it ignited after investigation It is the owner of the vehicle.

At 7:40 on March 22, thick black smoke suddenly rose on the south side of Xuelin Road Station on Line 13 of Zhangjiang Rail Transit, Pudong, and a van near the construction site was burning with a raging fire.

The Sunqiao Police Station of Pudong Public Security Bureau received the fire alarm and immediately worked with the fire department to deal with it. The fire was quickly extinguished and no injuries were caused.

The owner Ju Shengde rushed to learn of the situation.

He said that he parked the car here at 7 o’clock in the morning and left. According to him, this car is usually used by his friend Mei Xin, who is responsible for the delivery of an online shopping mall, and he does not know the details.

During the investigation, the police did find a large number of express parcels in the wreckage of the vehicle. They quickly found the online shopping mall to which Mei Xin belonged and learned that the total value of the express lost in the car was more than 7 million yuan.

But the police also noticed something strange-these packages almost all have traces of man-made dismantling, and there is no residue of burnt items at the fire scene.

Is this fire an accident, or was it intentional?

When the police asked, Mei Xin, who was informed of the bad news, had a dull look, saying that most of the parcels in the car had incomplete receiving information and could not be delivered, and they were temporarily placed in the car.

On the other hand, the owner Ju Shengde constantly emphasized that the cause of the vehicle fire was spontaneous combustion and had nothing to do with him. The contrast between the two makes Ju Shengde’s suspicion rise sharply.

After further understanding of the situation, the police found that Mei Xin had entered the online shopping mall under the introduction of Jushengde. Since there was no vehicle available for express delivery, Jushengde also provided vehicles with him many times. Distribution.

These burnt packages were also delivered by Ju Shengde and Mei Xin. Those undeliverable couriers were packed in the van. After the delivery on the same day, Ju Shengde drove away.

At this time, the police had almost concluded that the fire was planned by the owner Ju Shengde. After investigation, it was found that these couriers were registered by Jushengde with false identities, placed the order in the online store for cash on delivery, and used a false address and contact number, which made the delivery impossible.

Faced with various investigation results raised by the police, Ju Shengde finally admitted his criminal behavior. Without Mei Xin’s knowledge, he dismantled and restored the undeliverable couriers he ordered one by one, took out the goods inside, and then deliberately caused a short circuit of the wires in the car, which ignited the vehicle and caused a false fire.

In addition, in order to make the vehicle burn out as soon as possible, Jushengde also purchased a large amount of roll paper and alcohol in the order. But I didn’t expect that the fire was quickly extinguished by the fire department, revealing”horse feet”.

According to Ju Shengde’s confession, the police successfully found 18 brand-name watches, 92 sets of brand-name headphones, 1 digital camera, and 22 pieces of brand-name clothing hidden by him in a remote green belt. Pants, 766 various savings and consumption cards.

In fact, this is not the first time that Ju Shengde has used similar modus operandi to commit a crime. In 2019, he registered a fake account to place an order, then falsely claimed that the express was lost and obtained 3 iPhones illegally. After being found out by the police, he was sentenced to criminal detention and finally expelled from his online shopping mall.

At present, Jushengde has been detained for criminal detention on suspicion of fraud, and the case is under further investigation.

(The names involved in the text are all aliases)

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