“The Trumpeter is in place” is finalized: the main creative team lasted 3 years to collect materials in the front line

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Chinanews.com, April 8th. China’s first Rocket Army TV series “The Trumpeter In Position” starring Li Yifeng, Chen Xingxu, Zhang Xinyu, Xiao Yang, Duan Bowen, Dong Chunhui, etc. is officially scheduled for Zhejiang Satellite TV in April. It will be broadcast every day at 19:30 starting on the 13th.

“The Trumpeter is in place” is finalized: the main creative team lasted 3 years to collect materials in the front line

“The Trumpeter is in place “poster. Photo courtesy of the film

The play is adapted from Feng Jie’s novel “Graduated and Going to Be a Soldier”. It tells a group of college rocket recruits who join the barracks and experience their experiences under the leadership and inspiration of veterans with special skills. The dual tempering of body and spirit eventually grew and transformed into the story of the “ace trumpeter” of the Chinese Rocket Army.

The “trumpeter” is the unique title of the rocket army for the officers and soldiers of the first-line missile operations. “The trumpeter is in place” marks the immediate start of the missile launch process.

In the play, Xia Zhuo (played by Li Yifeng), Ouyang Jun (played by Chen Xingxu), Lin Anbang (played by Duan Bowen), and Yi Zimeng (played by Dong Chunhui) who go to school in East Sichuan University are known as “East Sichuan F4” With their respective moods and visions in mind, they chose to wear military uniforms to serve as soldiers.

The journey to the barracks for the first time is full of thorns. They stumbled and overcame the thorns, while feeling the glorious years and experiencing the life of epiphany. After a bittersweet Nirvana transformation, the four college graduates became qualified soldiers.

According to the introduction, the main creative team lasted three years, went deep into the front line of the Rocket Army, collected a large number of characters and story materials, and changed the draft on the basis of the original work to have the current finished product.

The play is directed by Li Lu, the director of “The Name of the People”, as the chief director, and Zhang Hanbing, who has extensive experience in shooting military themes, as the director. He has directed “Soldiers Assault” and “My Captain” “My Group” and other military dramas.

“The Trumpeter in Position” focuses the camera on the fledgling Rocket Army recruits of the new generation, and through a panoramic view of their transformation from rookies to qualified soldiers, it writes the inspirational Rocket Army spirit. (End)