The TV series “Hundreds of Refined Steel” is finalized, deeply restoring Qian Xuesen’s work scene

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Chinanews.com, April 12th. On April 8, the film “Hundreds of Refined Steel”, the key theme of the party’s centenary, was successfully shot at the “Huayang Iron and Steel Plant” on the Hunan Hengyang studio after completing the filming of all eight sections.

The TV series “Hundreds of Refined Steel” is finalized, deeply restoring Qian Xuesen’s work scene

Group photo of “Hundreds of Steel”

On December 30, 2020, “Hundreds of Refined Steel” was launched in Hengdian. In the state of “grabbing time” with multiple divisions and rushing to shoot, “We have moved to Zhejiang, Ning, Hunan, and Mondo. Locally, we coordinated more than 1,100 shooting scenes, produced more than 12,000 sets of costumes, more than 35,000 props, and dispatched more than 700 characters, and the peak number of permanent crew members reached 900.” From the chief producer He Jin In the “number” theory, the size, intensity, and difficulty of the shooting can be seen.

Building snow-capped mountains, going to the desert, going to the steel mill, entering the countryside… On April 8, on the 100th day after the start-up, “Hundreds of Refining Steel” in the play “Toast for Hope” section of Huayang Iron and Steel Plant “Turn the furnace” closed, and the buzzer completed the almost impossible task of “a hundred days, a hundred years of shooting”.

Director Mao Weining couldn’t hide his emotion and pride. “On the day of the launch, almost no one thought that we could shoot 100 years of the party in 100 days. Today we did it. Thank you for the bloody battle of more than 1,400 people on the crew! At the closing ceremony, He Jin and Mao Weining issued the “Excellent Steelmaking” certificate to the main creative representatives and staff of Wang Lei, Xia Dejun, Wang Longzheng, Sa Rina, Lu Yi, Jiang Yiyan, etc., to thank all colleagues for their hard work day and night.

For the 5-second shot and in order to restore the real historical scene, the crew handed a prototype to the details, but when the film was cut in the computer room, the director found that the color of the clothes was still slightly different from the photo, and decided immediately Remake; In order to restore Qian Xuesen’s work scene, the studio actually built a semi-basement equipped with a complete set of equipment and observing satellite launches; as the finishing touch to connect the front and rear sections, the “Situation” section of “Hundreds of Refined Steel” exclusively integrated musical elements is used The Spring Festival Gala-level multi-camera simultaneous shooting, such as the “detail control” operations such as the alignment of the front and rear chairs with a laser pointer, are too numerous to list.

It is reported that “Hundreds of Refined Steel” is a key project of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. It is expected to be broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV, Mango TV and other platforms at the end of June.