The U.S. Immigration Family Reunion Committee has again contacted the parents of 61 separated children

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China News Service, April 8th. According to the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) report, on the 7th local time, the lawyer responsible for helping the families of separated immigrants reunite during the Trump administration submitted a document to the U.S. Federal Court. According to the document, they have recently contacted the parents of 61 children.

Documents in the Southern District of California show that the number of known separated children whose parents have not been contacted has dropped from 506 to 445. The relevant designated committee regularly submits progress reports to federal judges who oversee the unification process.

In late February, the committee announced that it had found the parents of 105 children since mid-January, reducing the number of children who could not get in touch with their parents from 611 to 506.

The U.S. Immigration Family Reunion Committee has again contacted the parents of 61 separated children

local time March 17 Day, Texas, United States, border law enforcement officers and the families of illegal immigrants who came to seek asylum.

According to reports, the committee began work during the Trump administration and has been in contact with the family. Biden’s separated family reunion working group is also building its own database of potential separated families.

The lawyer believes that there are 302 children whose parents could not be contacted and may be deported to Central America, while the parents of 129 children are somewhere in the United States. The government has not yet provided the contact details of the parents of the remaining 14 children.

The committee’s lawyers stated that these children were separated from their parents in 2017, before the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy officially began. It is difficult to find in this situation. For many people who have not been deported with their children, the government does not have relevant contact information.

It is reported that some separated parents and children may have found a way to reunite themselves, but did not notify the committee, the court or the government.

According to reports, the Biden administration announced on March 1 that some immigrant families separated by former U.S. President Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy will be allowed to reunite in the United States. Some of these families may have Opportunity to stay in the United States, but they have not yet implemented the policy.