The wind of “car building” blows to the two-wheeled market Haro announces the manufacture of electric cars

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China News Service, Beijing, April 7th (Reporter Wu Tao) The technology giants are enthusiastically building cross-border vehicles. Compared with the four-wheel market, the two-wheel electric vehicle industry is slightly low-key and rarely receives attention. On the 7th, Haro Travel suddenly announced that it would build a car, but it was not a car, but a two-wheeled electric car.

The wind of “car building” blows to the two-wheeled market Haro announces the manufacture of electric cars

Hello announced the two Wheel electric car. Photo by Wu Tao of China News Service

Hello, he released three models including A80 (Elf), A86 (Turing) and B80 (Demon). Among them, Hello A80 (Elf) VVSMART youth version is sold. The price starts at 3999 yuan. Haro also released the VVSMART super-connected car system for two-wheeled electric vehicles.

According to the introduction, the Hello VVSMART super-connected car system includes five major travel solutions, namely Hi-OS, Hi-Power, Hi-Safety, Hi-Service, Hi-Life, which are used to improve Consumers’ pain points in the five areas of human-vehicle interaction, vehicle energy, vehicle safety, after-sales service, and travel life have realized the super connection of mobile phones and electric two-wheelers.

In use, after the mobile phone and the car machine are well connected, the mobile phone should be used as an ecological supplement and computing power supplement for the car machine, and jointly bring a better experience for consumers; in the hosting state, the car owner leaves After the car, the mobile phone is carried with you, and the service outside the car will continue to be responded to by the mobile phone.

It’s worth mentioning that in terms of safety, Haro motorcycles can use the mobile phone APP or SMS to synchronize the battery, vehicle tracking and other early warnings. “It turns out that electric vehicles are afraid of battery stolen, and Haro motorcycles are not afraid. , Because you can locate the battery, you can find it quickly.”

Public data shows that the average number of two-wheel trips in the country has exceeded 1 billion per day, and the number of electric bicycles and motorcycles has reached 400 million, and there are still 46 million each year. Increasingly, two-wheeled electric vehicles are the preferred means of transportation for 80% of the people. It is understood that this is the most direct reason for Haro’s entry into the two-wheeled electric vehicle market.

In addition, CITIC Securities pointed out that by 2025, China’s smart car sales will reach 7 million. As the carrier of the intelligentization of electric vehicles, the car-machine system has become a standard configuration in the electric car industry. Not only have major auto OEMs introduced car-machine systems that are suitable for their own models, but also technology giants have also increased the development of car-machine systems.

Haro electric vehicles revealed that the Haro VVSMART system will not only be applied to Haro’s own products, but will also be open to other brands in the industry and open to other industries. (End)