Tianyancha assists the documentary “Chinese Background” to provide professional information and data

By yqqlm yqqlm

China News Service, April 9th. Since the end of February, the eight-episode large-scale documentary “Background of China” has been broadcast on the CCTV news new media platform and multiple social media platforms, which has attracted widespread attention. As a co-producer, Tianyancha provides professional and reliable information and data, from the micro to the macro, and together with CCTV news to paint the background of China, reflecting the broad picture of the vitality of the new era and new pattern.

Tianyancha assists the documentary “Chinese Background” to provide professional information and data

The documentary consists of eight Characters in different industries are used as entry points to tell the true stories of the perseverance and struggle of ordinary operators in agriculture, children’s education industry, tourism, fast food, artificial intelligence, logistics and warehousing, cultural creation and e-sports industries, reflecting the Chinese people His confidence conveys a sense of national pride.

These real stories of the industries around us and the strugglers let us experience the imprint of the times and the infinite heritage of the people’s feelings. They are the responsibility of leading the whole village to get rid of poverty and becoming rich; they are the seriousness of children’s balance bike players; they live in the mountains and forests and open homestays, pursuing the harmony between man and nature; they are the collaboration of upstream and downstream enterprises in the snail noodle industry; they are every training time for e-sports players. It’s the cultural self-confidence shown by wearing Hanfu; it’s the innovative spirit in driverless technology; it’s also the Chinese logistics speed of 1,200 packages per minute…

For example in the first episode, home Poverty visible to the naked eye is the biggest motivation for Zhu Rongxin, a young Lisu guy born in 1985, to return to the Nu River; the sense of responsibility to lead the whole village out of poverty and get rich has given him wisdom and perseverance. This responsibility has helped thousands of people get rid of poverty. In January 2017, the Pitaya Cooperative was officially registered. By the end of 2019, it covered the entire village, including 267 poor households. With excellent product quality and expansion of sales channels, the cooperative will realize a total of more than 300,000 yuan in dividends in 2020.

There are many stories like Zhu Rongxin and the Dragon Fruit Cooperative. In the documentary series, Tianyancha contributed a set of clear and objective data: there are 1.2 million artificial intelligence companies in the country, and the new year will be updated in 2020. An increase of 400,000, a year-on-year increase of 62.3%; there are 12,000 e-sports-related companies nationwide, and more than 3,800 e-sports-related companies will be added in 2020, a year-on-year increase of 17%; there are 2,970 Hanfu-related companies nationwide, in the past two years More than 1,800 newly added…In 2020, there will be nearly 24 million new registered companies in my country, which is equivalent to an average of 66,000 companies born every day, and the annual registered growth rate is 22.9%.

As a technology company that uses public data as its means of production, Tianyancha has created a “digital twin of the real business world”, which visualizes the relationships between various subjects in the real business world. Projected on the Internet, it is easy to check the company, check the boss, check the relationship. This simplicity, ease of use, and precision has also been affirmed by the central bank, and is vividly called the “inclusive shallow due diligence model.”

At present, Tianyancha has collected information from more than 230 million social entities across the country, with more than 300 dimensions of information updated in a timely manner, with a user coverage of more than 300 million, which is far ahead in the industry.