Tomb-sweeping holiday will welcome a small peak of personnel travel Expert: You can’t take off masks!

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Chinanews.com client, Beijing, April 2 (Reporter Zhang Ni) The Ching Ming holiday is about to start. According to agency forecasts, the Ching Ming holiday is expected to usher in the first small peak of inter-provincial travel this year, and the number of outbound tourists will reach 1 Billion. At the same time, epidemic prevention measures in areas such as personnel travel, transportation, and tourist reception have become more flexible. However, experts reminded that the string of preventing the spread of the epidemic must still be tightened, and masks cannot be removed!

Tomb-sweeping holiday will welcome a small peak of personnel travel Expert: You can’t take off masks!

There is no upper limit for tourist reception in scenic spots “One size fits all”

The Ching Ming holiday is reduced, and the people are most concerned about travel.

Previously, an agency’s 2021 Ching Ming Festival forecast report showed that from the current tourism product booking situation, the number of tourists on Ching Ming Festival is expected to return to the same period in 2019, and it is expected that this year’s Ching Ming Festival will reach 100 million. Person times. The Ching Ming holiday is expected to usher in the first small peak of cross-provincial travel this year.

The policy level is also constantly releasing positive signals.

For example, recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the “Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures for the Reopening of Tourist Attractions (Revised in March 2021)”, which clarified that the upper limit of tourist reception at tourist attractions is determined by each province (region, city). The party committee and government determine according to the local epidemic prevention and control situation and do not implement a “one size fits all” approach. The previous version of the guidelines stated that “the number of tourists received should not exceed 75% of the maximum carrying capacity” has been cancelled.

Recently, the National Health Commission also stated that low-risk areas in the country have a “green code” for healthy travel. They can travel in an orderly manner under the premise of normal temperature measurement and good personal protection. Local areas are not allowed to increase the code without authorization.

At the local level, relevant policies have also been adjusted recently.

For example, Beijing has made it clear that starting from 0:00 on March 16, 2021, people in low-risk areas in China no longer need to hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 7 days before arriving in Beijing. Health monitoring will be carried out for another 14 days. Nucleic acid testing will not be carried out after 7 days and 14 days. With the health pass code “green code”, you can enter and return to Beijing freely and orderly under the premise of normal temperature measurement and personal protection. Commuters in the Beijing-Ring area shall refer to the above measures.

In addition, Beijing has resumed its cross-city taxi, online ride-hailing, and ride-hailing services in and out of Beijing.

In Guangdong, Huang Fei, deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Health Commission and a first-level inspector, previously stated that all areas in Guangdong are low-risk areas, and there is no need to provide a nucleic acid test certificate for returning home during the Qingming period.

Tomb-sweeping holiday will welcome a small peak of personnel travel Expert: You can’t take off masks!(1)

The Qingming Festival is still wrong Peaks and current limits provide green and convenient passages for the elderly

During the Ching Ming Festival, various places will also usher in the peak of sacrificing and sweeping.

In March, the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued the “Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Sacrifice and Cleaning of the Ching Ming Festival in 2021.” The notice emphasized that in areas providing on-site sacrifice and sweeping services, measures such as appointments, peak shifting, and current limiting should be adopted to reduce the density of people during the sacrifice and sweeping as much as possible, reduce the gathering of personnel at the ceremony and sweeping site, and strictly implement the cleaning and disinfection of the sacrifice and sweeping places, and the personnel for the sacrifice and sweeping. Prevention and control measures such as body temperature detection, mask wearing, and employee health monitoring.

In addition, the notice also mentioned that funeral and interment service agencies should fully consider the difficulties encountered by different groups, especially the elderly, in using smart technology, retain traditional modes such as telephone appointments and offline services, and set up green and convenient Passages to ensure the needs of special groups to sacrifice and sweep.

For on-site sacrifice sweeps, various localities have also formulated corresponding policies.

For example, Beijing will continue to implement time-sharing limited appointments this year for citizens who go to the scene to make sacrifices. At the scene, the festival sweepers need to register with the health treasure scan code. Only those who show the “green code” can enter the park for the festival sweep, show the appointment information, follow the “one-meter line” to enter the park in an orderly manner, and wear masks throughout the process.

In some places, the upper limit of the number of people who can be swept on-site has been clarified.

For example, the Sichuan Provincial Civil Affairs Department and other seven departments recently issued a document requesting that the number of appointments should not exceed 75% of the maximum carrying capacity, and the number of on-site sweeps should be reasonably controlled by time periods, so as to effectively guide the masses to perform sweeping. Evacuate gathered crowds in time.

In addition, Sichuan also requires all funeral and interment service agencies to increase ventilation and disinfection in key places, and do a good job in real-name registration, body temperature detection, and “Sichuan Tianfu Health Pass” QR code inspections for people who enter the park. , Wear masks and other prevention and control work.

According to the characteristics of “short time, large flow, small space, and high density” during the peak period of Qingming Festival, the Heilongjiang Provincial Civil Affairs Department requires that funeral service agencies throughout the province do precise prevention and control and strict Implement health monitoring, ventilation and disinfection, and “wear masks, take body temperature, scan health codes, 1 meter noodles” and other prevention and control measures, and effectively strengthen the disinfection of key places in and around funeral service institutions.

Tomb-sweeping holiday will welcome a small peak of personnel travel Expert: You can’t take off masks!(2)

Expert reminders that risks still exist : Masks cannot be taken off

Although the domestic prevention and control situation is improving, it should not be taken lightly. Recently, the local confirmed cases in Yunnan have also sounded the alarm for people.

The small holiday is about to start, and the country will soon face a large-scale personnel movement, and risks still exist.

“Don’t forget that the world is still in the pandemic stage of the new crown virus, and the risk of overseas imports still exists, so we must tighten the string of preventing the spread of the epidemic.”

< p>Feng Zijian, deputy director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, issued such a reminder to the public a few days ago.

The “loosening” of tourist reception ceilings in domestic tourist attractions does not mean complete relaxation.

The Guidelines for Prevention and Control Measures for the Reopening of Scenic Spots (Revised in March 2021) have already implemented measures to strengthen the health monitoring and management of employees in scenic spots, do a good job in scenic area public health and site prevention and control, and strengthen scenic tours. The specific content of management and other aspects shall be clarified.

For example, the guide puts forward that scenic spots should strictly implement the ticket reservation system, effectively adopt smart guidance and other means, scientifically divert tourists, and do a good job of pre-controlling the flow of tourists.

In addition, scenic spots should implement real-name ticket purchases so that they can be queried and tracked. Encourage scenic spots to actively use big data and smart means to do a good job of dynamic monitoring of tourist information, and so on.

At present, the domestic new crown vaccination work is progressing steadily. However, Feng Zijian emphasized that before the vaccination of the population in my country reaches a high level of immunity, whether or not vaccinated, the public still needs to continue to wear masks, do good personal hygiene, and follow the specific prevention and control of local areas, regardless of whether they are vaccinated, indoors or closed places where crowds are gathered. Measure requirements. (End)