Trippy Nebula captured by Hubble

By yqqlm yqqlm

About 2,000 light-years from the Earth are the brilliant remains of the exploded and dead star, called a supernova . NASA has just released an incredibly detailed introduction.

About ten thousand years ago, after a star about 20 times the size of our own sun exploded, the Veil Nebula spread out into space. It was a colorful, almost The psychedelic plasma is scattered in space.

The image is an updated appearance of the same nebula taken in 2015. This time, post-processing allows for clearer images and better color definition. Blue is emitted from double ionized oxygen, and red is ionized nitrogen.

As shown in the picture, the entire area on the west side of the Veil Nebula has been captured with a ground-based telescope.

Because of its large size and relatively close distance, even in good conditions, amateur astronomers can see the Veil Nebula, even with binoculars. It was first discovered in 1784 by the prolific astronomer William Herschel (William Herschel).

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