Ukrainian government forces and civilian armed forces exchanged fire again

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China News Service, Nur Sultan, April 12, Kyiv News: On the 11th local time, according to the Ukrainian military, civilian armed forces in the Donbass region in the east of the country launched an attack on the same day, resulting in the death of a Ukrainian soldier. One soldier was seriously injured.

According to Uzbek military statistics, 27 soldiers have been killed in eastern Uzbekistan this year, more than half of the death toll in 2020. Up to now, the civil armed forces in the Donbass region have not made any comments on this matter.

Recently, the situation in eastern Uzbekistan has continued to be tense. Ukraine said that Russia’s assembly of troops in the border area between Russia and Ukraine poses a serious threat to Ukraine’s national security. Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov believes that the military forces of NATO countries and other forces are becoming more active in the border areas of Russia, which forces Russia to remain vigilant. Russia is taking necessary measures to ensure its border security. But Peskov also emphasized that no one will go to war with Ukraine, and no one can accept any possibility of such a war.

Ukrainian government forces and civilian armed forces exchanged fire again


p >In addition, Turkish President Erdogan recently held a meeting with Ukrainian President Zelensky, who visited and attended the Turkish-Ukrainian High-level Strategic Council meeting, and stated that Turkey firmly defends Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and ensures the stability of the Black Sea region. And security, and support Ukraine’s action to join NATO.

In addition to the escalating regional conflicts, the Uzbek armed forces are also facing a lot of “troubles.” According to statistics from the Ukrainian Armed Forces quoted by the Ukrainian National News Agency on the 11th, as of that day, the Ukrainian armed forces had added 57 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia and 2 new deaths in the past 24 hours, of which 20 were being hospitalized for treatment.

According to statistics, since the outbreak, the Uzbek armed forces have reported 70 deaths and 20046 cured cases. Nearly a hundred officers and soldiers are still in self-isolation. In addition, 35,163 people in the Uzbek armed forces have received the first dose of the new crown vaccine. (End)