Why is the central environmental inspection team getting more and more rigid? “You’re welcome” all because of “unsatisfying”!

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China News Service Client, Beijing, April 20th (Reporter Lang Lang) “Long-term inaction”, “Rare in the country”, “Serious waste of fiscal funds”, “Perfunctory”… the Central Ecological Environmental Protection Supervision Team The stern wording of the announcement has aroused public concern.

Recently, the Central Ecological and Environmental Protection Supervision Team reported a number of outstanding ecological and environmental problems in 8 provinces including Shanxi, Liaoning, Anhui, Jiangxi, and Henan, and verified a number of formalism such as perfunctory response and fraud On the issue of bureaucracy, “you’re welcome” is often used to describe the stern wording of this briefing. And behind this “you’re welcome”, Geyin’s “unfortunate” in some places, let’s take a look at the following reported cases——

Why is the central environmental inspection team getting more and more rigid? “You’re welcome” all because of “unsatisfying”!

——Liaoning Tieling Municipal Party Committee and Government have long-term inaction and slow actions

In Tieling, Liaoning, the inspection team It was discovered that the Tieling Municipal Party Committee of Liaoning has long ignored the direct discharge of domestic sewage reported by the inspectors and the rectification work has been ineffective.

The sewage pipe network in the Fanhe New District of Tieling City is seriously damaged. The sewage treatment plant has not been able to operate normally in the past 10 years. A large amount of domestic sewage has been discharged directly for a long time, which has seriously deteriorated the water quality of the Fanhe River. Until the end of March this year, before the inspectors were stationed, a 1400-meter temporary pipeline was hurriedly built in 9 days, and most of the direct domestic sewage was connected to the sewage treatment plant.

The Central Ecological and Environmental Protection Supervision Team reported that the Tieling Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government and its related departments do not have a good understanding, long-term inaction and slow actions, and related problems have not been effectively resolved.

Why is the central environmental inspection team getting more and more rigid? “You’re welcome” all because of “unsatisfying”!(1)

—— rare in the country! One question and three questions!

Guangxi Chongzuo made a superficial article, perfunctory response

Recently, a deputy mayor of Chongzuo City, Guangxi was taken to the sewage outlet next to the home of local residents by the central environmental inspector. When asked if he could smell the odor of the sewage outlet, he replied: “I can smell it, but I didn’t expect such a large amount.” This matter was once a hot search on Weibo.

“The centralized collection rate of sewage in Chongzuo City in 2020 was only 6.7%, the worst in the whole district, and rare in the country!” The notice stated this. The inspection team found that when Chongzuo City declared the black and smelly water bodies, it had clearly grasped the location and water quality of all 11 ponds, but it was too light to report the truth.

During the governance process, the city privately changed governance methods and lowered governance standards, filling in 7 of all 11 pond governance tasks; among them, 5 of the national black and smelly water governance tasks were reported Four of the ponds were filled. “Actually, I’m doing a superficial article about’headaches and feet aches and feet’.” Moreover, Chongzuo City has still not figured out the bottom of the pipe network. The municipal housing and construction department has “one question and three unknowns” about the direction of sewage. Cause the sewage to be discharged indiscriminately and directly for a long time.

Why is the central environmental inspection team getting more and more rigid? “You’re welcome” all because of “unsatisfying”!(2)

——Secondary deposit The machine of irrigation is the reality of artificial lake creation

Henan is an important agricultural province in my country, and irrigation from the Yellow River is of great significance to support agricultural production. However, the inspection team found that Zhengzhou, Kaifeng and other cities in Henan Province used water from the Yellow River for “man-made lakes” in the name of diversion, storage and irrigation, and water supply for the people’s livelihood.

The Sanliuzhai storage project in Zhongmou County of Zhengzhou was approved by the Yellow River Diversion and Storage Project, but the storage irrigation function was not considered during the construction process. The supporting irrigation project had not been completed until the site investigation, and the downstream main canal was The garbage is full. However, the main lake that was impounded in July 2017 was developed into a wetland park by the local government, and tourism activities are booming. At the same time, these places still have the problem of excessive water intake and illegal water intake, causing a lot of waste of water in the Yellow River.

Why is the central environmental inspection team getting more and more rigid? “You’re welcome” all because of “unsatisfying”!(3)

—— Xiangtan Port, Hunan Wharf pollution false report and concealed report

The inspection team found that the port and wharf in Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, located in the Yangtze River Basin, have insufficient pollution prevention and control capabilities, extensive operations and serious environmental pollution problems. The masses reacted strongly to this, and the local government had known the situation a long time ago, but the local supervision and management neglected their duties.

The open-air storage of coal at the Niubu Wharf of Xiangtan MTR, rain and sewage collection is not in place, sewage treatment facilities are idle, and the operation area rain sewage and coal leaching water are directly discharged into the Xiangjiang River.

However, since 2020, in the remediation of prominent pollution problems from ships and ports in the Yangtze River Economic Belt organized by the Ministry of Transport and other four ministries and commissions, Xiangtan City has reported monthly “Statistics on the Improvement and Improvement of Port’s Environmental Protection Facilities In the table, it is stated that no problems have been found in the freight terminal of this city, no rectification is required, and there are false reports and concealed reports.

Why is the central environmental inspection team getting more and more rigid? “You’re welcome” all because of “unsatisfying”!(4)

——Jinxi, Jiangxi Indulging in disease-bearing production and ignoring the demands of the masses

As early as 2016, during the Central Ecological Environmental Protection Supervision, the masses of Jinxi County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province reported that the largest taxpayer Chenfei Copper had serious air pollution problems, but Fuzhou The city did not seriously investigate and deal with it. On June 27, 2019, the public again reported that the company had serious smoke and dust pollution during night production. The Jinxi County Ecological Environment Department did not investigate until July 22, and responded without verification without finding any abnormalities.

Fuzhou City and Jinxi County responded perfunctorily to public reports, even ignoring the harsh illegal activities of enterprises, including them in the positive list of environmental supervision and law enforcement in 2020, and further relaxing supervision.

The inspection team stated that the Jinxi County Party Committee and the government did not earnestly implement the main responsibility for ecological and environmental protection, and the Jinxi Industrial Park Management Committee did not implement the supervision responsibility in place, and allowed enterprises to use illegal land, which greatly facilitated enterprises. At the cost of sacrificing the ecological environment in exchange for one-time and one-time economic growth.

Why is the central environmental inspection team getting more and more rigid? “You’re welcome” all because of “unsatisfying”!(5)

——Serious financial funds The problem of waste pollution control has been delayed for a long time

The inspection team found that the sewage treatment plant in Chongzuo City, Guangxi has been operating at low load for a long time due to imperfect pipe network and other reasons. The actual daily average water treatment volume in 2020 is only 1.12 10,000 tons, less than half of the designed processing capacity, but Chongzuo City needs to pay the sewage treatment fee in accordance with the guaranteed minimum daily treatment volume of 30,000 tons as agreed in the contract. The sewage treatment fee in 2020 alone will exceed 10 million yuan, which is a serious waste of financial funds. , The environmental benefits have little effect.

A similar problem also exists in Baoshan City, Yunnan Province. From 2017 to 2020 alone, the central and provincial finances allocated 558 million yuan to Baoshan City for the prevention and control of water pollution in Longyang District, while the urban two levels actually used the water pollution control in Longyang District. Only 123 million yuan, less than a quarter.

Longyang District’s sewage treatment capacity is seriously insufficient, resulting in about 45,000 tons of sewage being directly discharged into the “mother river” Donghe every day, making Donghe a polluted river, and the water quality has continued to deteriorate since 2018. V class.

The above-mentioned sharp and sharp wind of environmental protection inspectors has been widely praised by netizens. However, while liking, we must also reflect.

Under the environmental protection high-tension line of repeated orders and five applications, in the context of environmental accountability becoming more and more “unceremonious”, there is such inaction and chaos. After all, it is still some places that feel no pain in accountability. , The punishment is confiscated to wake up. Green water and green hills are not shouted out. Environmental protection governance needs to hear ruthless words and see ruthless moves. Accountability and rectification need to “grow teeth”, and system high-voltage lines must be “really live.” (End)