Xiaopeng Auto’s March Intelligence Report: NGP users have used mileage to exceed 2.3 million kilometers

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China News Service, April 12th. Today, Xiaopeng Motors released its March monthly intelligence report. The data shows that as of March, the mileage used by Xiaopeng NGP automatic navigation assisted driving users has reached 2,329,683 kilometers. The rapid increase in user mileage fully proves that users love and recognize NGP. At the same time, Xiaopeng NGP also completed the 3,000-kilometer expedition challenge in March, becoming the first auto company to complete a 3,000-kilometer highway crossing from north to south through mass-produced autonomous driving assistance functions. 228 guests including users, media, and industry experts, together with Xiaopeng Motors, set a milestone for China’s smart cars in the field of autonomous driving.

Xiaopeng Auto’s March Intelligence Report: NGP users have used mileage to exceed 2.3 million kilometers

Figure 1 Xiaopeng NGP Completing the 3,000-kilometer expedition challenge

Xiaopeng’s NGP 3,000-kilometer expedition lasted 8 days and passed through 10 cities. It was completed by a relay with multiple drivers. During the expedition, experienced severe weather such as heavy fog and heavy rain. Under the test of real and complex road conditions and changeable environment, Xiaopeng NGP achieved an average of 0.71 times of takeovers per 100 kilometers, and the success rate of lane change and overtaking was 94.41%. The passing success rate is 92.76% and the tunnel passing success rate is 94.95%. The objective and intuitive usage data fully proves that Xiaopeng NGP deserves the title of “the most powerful automatic driving function in mass production”.

Not only that, from March 10th to 31st, Xiaopeng Motors held “Xiaopeng Auto Smart Experience Camp” activities in Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu. The stability and ease of use of Xiaopeng NGP Sex and leadership have received more extensive public verification.

Xiaopeng Auto’s March Intelligence Report: NGP users have used mileage to exceed 2.3 million kilometers(1)

Figure 2 Xiaopeng Automobile Monthly Intelligence Report in March

Xpeng Motors continues to devote itself to making smart cars that understand China better. Intelligence is not only reflected in the increasingly powerful autonomous driving capabilities, but also in the increasingly useful in-vehicle intelligence system. The data shows that in March, the average daily use time of on-board music bicycles for individual users of Xiaopeng Motors reached 133.94 minutes, a record high. Xiaopeng Automobile’s Xmart OS in-vehicle intelligent system has the most comprehensive audio and video application ecosystem in the industry, covering most of the most commonly used audio and video applications on the market, and is sufficient to meet the needs of most users for listening to music and watching videos in the car. Through the intelligent voice assistant P with rich functions, rapid response and high recognition rate, users can hear and see what they want with their mouths. Smart + music greatly enhances the user’s car experience, making users more nostalgic for every minute and every second of car usage.

At the Xiaopeng NGP 3,000-km expedition challenge achievement sharing meeting held on March 31, Xiaopeng Motors Chairman and CEO He Xiaopeng said: “We must not only be the best in China, but also have intelligent capabilities. Bringing to the world”, “We are imagining the future, and we are also constantly creating and witnessing the future.” On the intelligent track, Xiaopeng Motors will continue to lead the development of the industry and bring more and stronger products to Pengyou Smart products.