Zhang Guangming: A sharp edge on the front line of criminal investigation

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Zhang Guangming: A sharp knife on the front line of criminal investigation

Zhang Guangming: A sharp edge on the front line of criminal investigation


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“You Get ready, I will kill you when I come out!” The murder suspect pointed to Zhang Guangming and yelled. Zhang Guangming ignored him, and swiftly pressed the suspect’s back with his knees while handcuffing him…

Zhang Guangming was the deputy head of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Susong County, Anhui Province. He has encountered countless threats. It is Zhang Guangming’s duty and mission to solve more cases, solve major cases, and get legal punishments for criminals who violate the law and endanger the society. Since joining the work, he has used loyalty, courage, and dedication to sharpen himself into a sharp blade on the grassroots criminal investigation front.

In 1995, there was a homicide in Erlang Town, Susong County. The suspect Li fled the town after committing the crime and disappeared in a crowd of people. Four generations of investigators from the Public Security Bureau of Susong County searched hard. fruit. At the beginning of 2020, Zhang Guangming took the initiative to take over the murder of Li. “When I first took over the case, many colleagues thought that 25 years have passed since the case, and the parties and related evidence have long been lost. It is harder to find Li than to go to heaven.” Zhang Guangming said.

Walking into the bureau’s data room, Zhang Guangming read the files on the murder case of Li 25 years ago, and recorded the key information and details in his notebook. “Notes and reasoning have a full 20 pages of paper, and every link, every person involved, and every clue must not be let go.” Zhang Guangming said. Subsequently, he took this note to Chongqing, Yunnan, Jiangxi and other places, verifying and implementing the clues of the research and judgment one by one. More than 150 days and nights of remote investigations and cases, Zhang Guangming lost a circle, but the case has not made breakthrough progress.

On the train back to Susong, Zhang Guangming was in a low mood, and the clue notebook was turned black at this time. In the swaying carriage, he opened the note again, and after reviewing it verbatim, he found a clue that he had been neglecting: information about Li’s wife. “At the nearest train station, I got off the car and turned back and started investigating this clue, and finally determined where Li was hiding.” Recalling the scene at the time, Zhang Guangming was still excited. Eventually, with the assistance of the Yunnan police, Li was arrested, and a 25-year-old murder case was successfully solved.

Difficulties, dangers, and even life and death are all things that the criminal police must face in their work, but the charge has always been a bright posture.

“Susong County Public Security Bureau notified that the 16-year homicide suspect in Fujian Province, Chen Mou, has fled to the territory of Aikou Township in our county.”

Put on training shoes, Correcting the police cap and putting on the arresting equipment, Zhang Guangming and his teammates rushed to Aikou Township overnight to carry out arrest work. After investigation and investigation, the arrest team learned that Chen was carrying controlled knives and might be hiding in the dormitory of the clothing factory where his girlfriend was at this time. In order to verify the situation and prevent rushing to the scene, Zhang Guangming approached the clothing factory dormitory on the grounds of asking for directions in plain clothes, hoping to find out the specific location of Chen. After talking, Zhang Guangming determined that the man standing at the door of the dormitory speaking with a foreign accent was Chen. But Chen was already alert at this time and was about to leave on a motorcycle. The traffic in Aikou Township is convenient. After Chen escapes, he will probably disappear from the police’s sight again.

Zhang Guangming decided to arrest him immediately. He dashed up and dragged Chen from the motorcycle, and said sharply: “I am a policeman from the Public Security Bureau of Susong County!” Hearing this sentence , Chen resisted desperately and tried to pull out the sharp knife hidden under the car seat. Chen’s girlfriend ran out of the dormitory, grappled and bit Zhang Guangming from behind, Chen took the opportunity to escape, and Zhang Guangming immediately got rid of Chen’s girlfriend and chased after Chen. In the end, Chen and his girlfriend were controlled by the police. At this time, blood was leaking from the wound on Zhang Guangming’s back.

“I am the people’s policeman, I am not going forward who will come forward? No matter how rampant the criminal suspects, I will fight them to the end and resolutely bring them to justice.” Zhang Guangming said.

In the past few years, Zhang Guangming has been running around the scene of the investigation of the case, looking for clues, catching suspects, and fighting criminals. He is a brave and strong “sharp blade” at work, but this iron-boned man also has a soft heart. The side.

In August 2020, Zhang Guangming took over the illegal operation of the network running sub-platform supervised by the Ministry of Public Security. This case is complicated, with a large number of people involved, and a wide geographical area. Zhang Guangming led members of the task force to Tianjin, Shandong, Hebei and other places to carry out investigations, but did not go home for more than a month.

After the case was solved, Zhang Guangming returned home, and his daughter pouted and refused to say hello to him. “My daughter is already in junior high school, and her classmates are accompanied by her father, picking up, and tutoring homework. I owe her daughter a lot for these aspects.” Zhang Guangming said.

“Dad is going to catch the bad guys. This is Dad’s job. I miss you and mom so much!” Zhang Guangming said as he picked up his daughter, squeezed her cheek, and the daughter finally stopped being strained. His face hugged his father’s neck, and the eyes of the father and daughter were wet.

In his 18 years as a police officer, Zhang Guangming participated in the investigation of more than 3,300 criminal cases, arrested more than 800 suspects of various crimes, and recovered stolen money equivalent to RMB 9.8 million. The arrests and the thrilling battles made Zhang Guangming’s father very worried. Father often chatter with him: “There are so many police officers in the Public Security Bureau, as long as you can, I am just a son like you, if there are three long and two short, how can we do it!” At this time, Zhang Guangming would persuade his father: “On top of my head. Wearing the national emblem and wearing a police uniform, it is my duty and my honor to solve crimes and arrest people.”

Picture① Zhang Guangming (left) received a pennant presented by the masses.

Picture② Zhang Guangming went to rural areas to carry out anti-electric fraud propaganda.

Picture③ Zhang Guangming is interviewed by the media.