Month: May 2021

National Games four consecutive victories and promotion + 10 people selected for U18 national football, Evergrande football school talents emerge

Guangdong team’s starting lineup against Hubei team. Photo courtesy of Evergrande Football School

China News Service, Beijing, May 31. The reporter learned from Evergrande Football School that in the cross-elimination round of the U18 National Games Men’s Football Qualifying Tournament held on the 31st, the Guangdong team formed with the Evergrande U18 echelon as the core eliminated Beijing 1:0. The team successfully advanced to the finals. On the same day, 10 people from Evergrande Football School were selected for the U18 National Men’s Football Team and participated in the U21 Youth League, becoming a large group of national youth talents of this age.


How does original music develop? How do musicians get out of the circle? Insiders say so

   Chinanews, May 31. Recently, the 6th Beijing International Pop Music Week·Tencent Musicians Original Festival was held in Beijing in 2020. The Tencent Musicians Original Ceremony Forum was also opened on the same day. Many musicians exchanged and discussed the two main topics of “Live Performance and Original Music” and “Digital Music Ecology and Original Music Dissemination”.


Zhang Jun: The Tokyo Olympic National Badminton Club will make every effort to satisfy everyone

   China News Service Client, May 31. According to recent news from the China Badminton Association, the Chinese National Badminton Team has recently gone to Chengdu Shuangliu Badminton Base for training, preparing for the Tokyo Olympic Games for the final sprint. Zhang Jun, chairman of the China Badminton Association and head coach of National Badminton Doubles, said in an interview that the National Badminton Association will make every effort to fight for the championship at the Tokyo Olympics, which will surely satisfy everyone.