2021 F1 E-sports China Championship ends, BT team becomes the biggest winner

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China News Service, May 2 (Reporter Miao Lu) The 2021 Formula One World Esports China Championship Pro League Opener ended at the Shanghai International Automobile City on the evening of the 1st, in the first round of China and Bahrain. After the race, the BT team became the biggest winner. Tang Tianyu, the core ace, won two championships, showing a strong dominance.

In the Shanghai race that started the race first, Tang Tianyu of the BT team easily got the pole position with 1:28.615.

However, the subsequent race was more intense. According to the ranking, BT Tang Tianyu took the lead. WLG’s Yuan Yifan and TSW’s Wang Hao will start with two and three. After the start of the race, WLG Yuan Yifan started very quickly, but BT Tang Tianyu gradually narrowed the gap with his understanding of the road conditions, and after overtaking, he firmly occupied the lead.

2021 F1 E-sports China Championship ends, BT team becomes the biggest winner

The opening match of the 2021F1 E-sports China Championship ends. Photo courtesy of the organizer of the F1 Esports China Championship

On the fifth lap, BT Tang Tianyu made an amazing decision. He chose to pit in early. In an interview after the game, he revealed that this was after the whole team had discussed it. Make the decision to enter the station in advance to avoid congestion in the outbound station. The factual script also developed in this direction. The second-placed WLG Yuan Yifan made the regular choice of pitting on the 6th lap. As a result, he encountered a “big traffic jam” with other drivers, which affected his speed of exiting the station. The gap was opened by the first name.

In the eleventh lap following, WLG Yuan Yifan was interfered by LHR team Zhang Liao when passing the 14th turn, the gap was further widened, and the competition for the championship in China lost suspense.

Tang Tianyu, a leading and perfect BT team, made his way to the top of the line and won a precious first victory of the season. This victory is not only his superb driving skills and track proficiency, but also the BT team’s strategy. The important role of the game has successfully defended the glory of “the king of e-sports games”. In the end, WLG Yuan Yifan won the second place and TSW Wang Hao won the third place.

In the subsequent Bahrain circuit competition, WLG Yuan Yifan took the lead in the qualifying start, but the ace of the teams quickly returned to the color, and finally BT Tang Tianyu won 1:24.661 In pole position, INS Zhuo Chao and LHR Zhang Liao ranked second and third, and WLG Yuan Yifan fell to sixth.

2021 F1 E-sports China Championship ends, BT team becomes the biggest winner(1)


p >The opening match of the 2021F1 E-sports China Championship ends. Photo courtesy of the organizers of the F1 Esports China Championship

In the race, BT Tang Tianyu, who started from pole position, was in a hot state and took the lead. On lap 3, BT Tang Tianyu extended the lead to nearly 1 second .

Tang Tianyu continued his advantage all the way, and finally took the lead in crossing the line, winning the double crown in China and Bahrain. At the same time, he also won the “Tongjia Opener MVP Award”. WLG Yuan Yifan won the second place. , TSW Wang Hao finished third.

BT Tang Tianyu said in an interview after the game: “I think it is less affected by the equipment, and the luck is also on our side. I am very lucky that the lead can be stuck in three seconds per lap. Many, there is not too much pressure in the process of winning the championship. The season has just begun, and I look forward to the performance later.”

Yuan Yifan also talked about his state of the game after the game: “From Friday practice, the pedal can’t adapt. , I feel that it’s very dangerous to compete for first place. Today’s qualifying race is very bad. In the race, there is a chance to surpass Tang Tianyu on the track, but it’s a pity that I didn’t grasp it. Overall, Bahrain is quite satisfied. It’s in the race. It reflects my racing status.”

After the first round, in addition to the leading results of BT and WLG, we can see that there are more possibilities for F1 e-sports in the future: female driver Gui from MRT Meng stunning the stadium, racing is not just a men’s sport, it has brought more diversified interpretations to e-sports; Huang Zihao, a young player who has become famous in the Development League, is also a blockbuster.

Facing the next season, Ye Fei, the currently number one BT team manager, said: “The battle is very clear. Tang Tianyu is very stable. The performance of the two newcomers makes the team happy. In addition, the strategy The team is well prepared for the difficulties, and our drivers have implemented the strategy well. Luck is part of the race. Although the first round is leading, the opponent team still has masters who have not played. This year’s competition will be very fierce, and the difficult race will be In the future, we are also confident to fight to the final round.”

On the same day, Fang Jiushi Smart Sports, the exclusive operation and management of the event, focused on further optimizing the brand image and announced that a new LOGO will be launched in the new season. The new LOGO is designed with “technology” and “digitalization” as its design concepts, bringing a younger visual impact, breaking the dimensional wall of “e-sports” and “traditional sports”, and forming the spiritual connotation of “green sports e-sports” , To achieve the best visual dynamic balance effect. In addition, Jiushi Smart Sports also announced the official cooperation information with Playseat, the leading brand of racing e-sports seats from the Netherlands. (End)