4 astronauts from the International Space Station return to Earth to end more than 5 months of space life

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China News Service, May 2nd. According to a report by the US Chinese website, on May 1, the four astronauts stationed on the International Space Station took SpaceX’s “Dragon spacecraft” to return to Earth, scheduled to be in May, Eastern Time Arrived on the 2nd.

4 astronauts from the International Space Station return to Earth to end more than 5 months of space life


p > On November 15, 2020 local time, SpaceX’s “Dragon Spacecraft” capsule was launched from the Kennedy Space Center.

According to reports, the four astronauts are Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover and Shannon Walker from the United States, and Japanese astronaut Satoshi Noguchi. They took the “Dragon Spacecraft” to the International Space Station at the Kennedy Space Center in the United States on November 15, 2020.

It is reported that since arriving at the International Space Station in November 2020, the “Dragon Spacecraft” has been fixed on the docking port of the space station. After being unlocked from the International Space Station at about 8:30 PM Eastern Time on May 1, the spacecraft will follow the orbit for several hours.

After reaching the predetermined position, the spacecraft will start its onboard engine, penetrate the earth’s thick atmosphere, and finally use a series of parachutes to slow its descent, and then at 2 am Eastern Time on May 2 At about 57, it landed on the coast near Florida.

According to reports, after the spacecraft has landed, the recovery crew will perform the space capsule recovery mission as soon as possible. The waves after landing are extremely difficult for astronauts, and the shaking waves may cause severe seasickness.

At present, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is paying close attention to any intruders landing in the nearby waters, and the US Coast Guard personnel are currently patrolling the surrounding area.

The report pointed out that the successful return of the spacecraft to Earth means the successful completion of the first full-scale manned mission of the “Dragon” spacecraft, which also marks the end of a milestone mission for NASA and SpaceX.