6 people diagnosed on India flight to Italy, everyone on board sent to hotel for isolation

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China News Service, May 5th. According to Euronet, the Italian Ministry of Civil Defense reported on the 4th that there were 9,116 new confirmed cases and 305 deaths. As of 18:00 on the 4th, there were a total of 40,598,821 confirmed cases, 121,738 deaths, and 3,524,194 cured cases across the country.

6 people diagnosed on India flight to Italy, everyone on board sent to hotel for isolation


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According to reports, the health department of the Lombardy Region informed the media on the 4th that an Airbus A330-900 flight from Amritsar, Punjab, India arrived in Bergamo, Lombardy on the 3rd. Rio Al Serio Airport. After the plane arrived at Orio Al Serio Airport in Bergamo Province, the health department of the Lombardy Region carried out nucleic acid tests on all entry personnel. As a result, 6 passengers were found to have tested positive for the new crown virus.

All the people on the plane have been sent to the hotel for centralized isolation. The test samples of the 6 infected people have been sent to research institutes for sequencing to confirm whether they have been infected with the mutated virus reported by India.

The health department of the Lazio region stated that the Latina Provincial Health Bureau conducted a new coronavirus screening process on the Indian immigrant community in Borgo Hermada, Terracina on the 3rd. After testing 600 Indian immigrants, it was found that 55 Indian immigrants were diagnosed with the new crown virus, and the positive rate was close to 10%. Among them, 15 minors under the age of 14 were infected.

The health department of the Lazio region pointed out that at present, the villages and towns of Fania, Sabaudia, where 87 Indian immigrant patients were detected last week, and the Thai, who just detected 55 Indian immigrant patients. The city of Lacina was designated as a red epidemic prevention zone. In the next few days, the local health bureau will continue to carry out virus screening and tracking. However, the two Indian immigrant communities have not yet found confirmed patients infected with the mutant virus reported by India.

Singh, the coordinator of the Sikh community in Italy, said that dozens of Indian compatriots call them from the country every day, trying to find a way to return to Italy. “We have told everyone not to do this.”

In addition, reports say that last month, a couple in Camp Bisenzio, Tuscany, Italy went to India to go through the procedures for adopting children. When they were preparing to return to Italy with their newly adopted children, their 45-year-old wife Simonita was diagnosed with the new crown virus. Currently, a family of three are trapped in an isolation hotel in New Delhi, and Simonita has developed symptoms of pneumonia.

Due to the severe epidemic in India, the medical system is on the verge of collapse. Simonita said that she did not want to be sent to the hospital for treatment, and worried that she would never be able to get out again. On May 4, the Italian couple and the members of the Tuscany region respectively issued appeals to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, requesting the government to send a special military plane to India to evacuate overseas Chinese as soon as possible. (Boyuan)