A preview of the 2024 election? Trump “blasted” Biden for “the worst in history”

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China News Service, May 13th, according to foreign media reports, on the 12th local time, former U.S. President Trump “blasted” current President Biden on his personal website, saying that Biden “made one after another. Crisis”, the start of his term was “the worst in American history.”

A preview of the 2024 election? Trump “blasted” Biden for “the worst in history”

Trump is so Being “banned” by social networking sites and “starting anew,” launched a personal platform called “From Donald Trump’s Desk”, where users can share their speeches on their social network accounts.

On the 12th, Trump said on the platform that comparing Biden with former US President Carter was “very unfair” to Carter. He said, “Carter has dealt with one crisis after another by mistake, but Biden has created one after another.” “First is the Biden border crisis (which he refuses to call it a crisis), then Biden’s economic crisis, and then Biden’s economic crisis. The Israeli crisis is now the Biden gas crisis.”

Trump then said that the start of Biden’s presidency was “the worst in American history.” “One day, people will use the Biden government ( Situation) to compare with future disasters”.

A preview of the 2024 election? Trump “blasted” Biden for “the worst in history”(1)


p >This is not the first time Trump has broken the tradition of outgoing presidents in the United States and criticized the incumbent president. Earlier, when he was interviewed by Fox News, he criticized Biden’s policies, saying that thousands of undocumented immigrants “are pouring into our country at an unprecedented level” and that the Biden administration “has absolutely not taken any action.” “To stop them, saying that this “is destroying our country.”

Biden and Trump may face off again in the 2024 election. Biden once stated, “My plan is to run for re-election. That is my expectation.” Trump also said that he is “100%” considering running for president again. He even revealed that Florida Governor Ron De Santis is one of the possible running mates.